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  1. we're talking about severe acne! not a few spots! not a bad outbreak! its not like evryone we see in the street has ever experienced acne like we have. ITS NOT EVEN OUR FAULTS and we still get this disfuguring disease. what the hell have we done to deserve all this? its bullshit! i completely understand the hireachy thing. iv got a little better(partly cos i avoid being around "normal" ppl as much as possible). I always used to open the door for a "normal" person, a "normal" person always has th
  2. looks are everything and in a fucked up way i believe THAT MOTHER IS RIGHT. beauty does mean sucess, u can acheive anything with good-looks especially if your full on beautiful. she was a bitch to tell her kids all that stuff. "ok" looking cow! I feel sick. she is right. when i come off accutane i'll still be as low as i am now because there's a very rare amount of ppl who are beautiful, what fucking chance have i at winning the lottery? i feel like victoria, there are standards met for me and i
  3. THIS IS HOW IT GOES: A party is coming up this very weekend. I am not going. full stop. My friends want to go out to see a movie or simply go out(im facing this on bonfire night) i will only go depending on who else is going. currently its 4 ppl. 1 person im anxious about but he knew me long b4 so im not going to worry. however if anyone else comes i will probably stay at home or go with sum1 else i know well. I'm invited out for dinner, i will immediately fret as to which restaurant it is and h
  4. o god if anyone called me ugly right now, especialy one of my friends i wud go fucking berserk, id probably come home and make myself bleed everywhere all up my arm(s) maybe even try an overdose for once. if a guy wud say it to me...i dont want to think..well unless he was dammed ugly himself. thing is all last term i was constantly telling my friends i was ugly, i was disgusting, im not at all attractive, i look like super shit compared to them etc etc. so now, its kind of in their heads that
  5. finding a ACNE GALORE picture of him and posting it on photocopies round school(blown up in colour) sending chainmails round classmates etc etc that will probably start to make him feel like the one thats being picked on and needs to miss school and cry.
  6. u know i was very concerned about whether i'd stop going but accutane realy is the last option for me. it was either risk not growing a bit more or loose my mind and shoot myself or something distressing like that. i meant to ask my dermatologist but i forgot i was just so happy to start my course. the reason i was concerned it will stop growing is because it supresses certain hormones, and they dont come back(thats how it effects seabacious glands) especialy one called androgen. thing is that
  7. well im on like my THIRD WEEK of roaccutane and from the very start i have found all the spots that lingered have completely grown legs and hanged themselves and the new ones i get now go within 3 days at the most(or at least the normal ones, the rather horrid nodule ones may take longer depending on severity) i also recommending sleeping on ur back with ur head away from the pillow and possibly leaving ur window open while u sleep because a HELL of alot of clearing up happens in my sleep.
  8. I've only started doing this since on roaccutane, BUT i find that if i leave my windows open, considerably wide while i sleep(ie i open windows to allow fresh air to circulate, dress in pjs appropiately depending on how hot or cold with windows open, and then fall asleep with them still open) i wake up and my face feels smother and i have less spots and my skin recovers more than when i sleep with the window closed. i think it's deffinately worth a try for all of us. plus we dont have to go out
  9. you know its funny u shud post this topic. i got a job as a waitress at my local pub (literally a metre across the road lol) and i was realy paranoid about going and crying and asking my sister to go insted because i was sure that ppl eating their food wudnt want a girl with minging papustules and red lumps all over her skin touching their food and asking them if they want any sauce while close up to their face. went twice but im not getting called up to be invited to work anymore...and maybe i
  10. camoface ur mum doesn't sound very nice at all. Well my mum is especialy nice. she didnt notice for a long time why i was so depressed al the time. untill she sudddenly realised it was my acne. because she teaches high school children and a huge load of them she has seen acne so many times before and the mental effeect she just understands. and she has being trying hard to get it sorted (booking derm appointments. getting me tane etc.) my DAD HOWEVER doesnt understand at all. i inherited it o
  11. no offence but u sound like what alot of girls wud class...wait for it..."an asshole". sorry to be blunt and i dont mean any direct offence but honestly, saying ur gona get with "okay" looking girls just because u want a girl for fuck on tap. but u realy want a stunning model or something? The girls u class as "okay" to some other guys may seem utterly stunning so leave them alone for the guys that will appreciate them, they dont deserve to be used by you. Just like the girls u think are the bes
  12. OOO rite. ok. Guys - I like tall guys. I prefer it when they are taller than me. it makes me feel more protected and secure if they tower over than me. altho if a guy is the same height as me i don't realy mind. I don't like it when a guy is shorter than me. They need to have good tone, not necessarily loads of muscle, just some tone at least. i like broad chest, and pecs as opposed to a six pack. i like musclely arms! glasses can be cute ooo. a
  13. hmmm. having drunk wine! good eye and conceler/ glow make up. mini/short skirt. a rather flattering top(not slutty tho) and open shoes with heels. and a smile, supplied by the wine. haha. O and when iv just got my hair done. and right now id need to be in very dim light, to fade out that o so TURNING ON factor, acne. and i cud look lovely! hm, crave a party now.
  14. HAHA. well its the same for boys and girls. when a girl gets a boyfriend suddenly alot more guys are interested. and when a guy gets a girlfriend alot more other girls are interested in him. i know that with girls being so attention loving(remember i am one ) its kind of nice to think that sum other girls boyfriend is looking at you. its more rewarding than a single boy looking at you because its like they're already taken yet they're still looking. i imagine its the same with guys, they like to