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  1. This works amazingly. Skin has cleared up almost completely in 3 days
  2. Hello all. I used doxycycline mono 100 mg for about 6 months. This cleared my skin up completely in about a week and I had minimal breakouts. Then, I guess the bacteria decided that it wanted to be a pain and it changed. The pills stopped working. My doctor put me on erythromycin topical gel today. Wish we luck. Will be using gentle cetaphil morning and night. Cetaphil moisturizer at night, a few hours after putting the erythromycin on and allowing the medicine to absorb into my face.
  3. Good luck. Worked just as well for me for a few months and then I grew immune. If the same happens to you, switch to Erythromycin Topical Gel. Doxycycline worked perfectly for about six months and then the bacteria relating to acne in my body changed.
  4. I started Doxycycline last summer and it worked beautifully for like 6 months, and has stopped. I still take it even though I'm pretty sure it just doesn't work anymore. I'm waiting for my doctor to sell my what to do. He's been talking about "Erythromycin Topical Gel" which I have yet to get my hands on. He told me that it would cost $30 with my insurance, the pharmacist wanted $170. So I'm pretty lost. I'm also pretty sure that my acne is the worst that its ever been, while still being mild-is
  5. Hey! I've used Benzol Peroxide 10% (a very, very small amount of this stuff) and each time I used it, the next morning my face was red, swollen, and irritated as heck. I have pretty sensitive skin as it is. I'm also taking Doxycycline Mono so that doesn't help. I might try out Acne.org's 2.5% treatment. I have mild acne. Is this a bad idea?
  6. Accutane sounds terrifying... not really sure what I should do. I stopped taking Doxycycline for awhile and my skin was worse than it had ever been before. Now I'm on Doxycycline Mono 70 MG and its decent... but definitely not as clear as it was last summer. 75* oops
  7. So this is my first post on here. Hello to all other people who agree that acne is the worst thing ever. Let me just start with some background. I've been struggling with acne for about 3 years now, since 8th grade. It goes from being mild, to less mild, to more mild and it's been quite annoying. dry and flakey in the "t zone" on my face, oily every where else. there have been months where my skin cleared up using a certain product and then over time these products became less effective. Then