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    I love painting, drawing, writing, reading (Oscar Wilde, Burroughs,...), old beautiful black and white movies (anyone with Brigitte Bardo or Edie Sedgewick posters feel free to send them to me!), playing the guitar,...<br />I'm also a musicfreak: The Smiths, Radiohead, The Libertines, The Velvet Underground, Morrissey, Adam Green, Babyshambles, Millionaire, Goose, Soulwax,...<br />I'm a student (starting Uni English-Dutch Literature this year) and am making a living designing band t-shirts, posters, CD-artwork...
  1. I was curious about this too, since I have pretty mild acne and frequent, very noticeable, long-lasting flushes. I don't know if you've read this already: http://www.rosacea.co.uk/blog/2006_03_01_archive.html If you scroll down to about halfway, you can see pictures of somebody who has clearly benefited from a low-dose accutane course. I'm going to a derm tomorrow and am hoping he'll agree that this is worth a try, eventhough I'm also really scared that I'm just going to give myself permanent r
  2. I like how he'd holding his hair up, you know, just in case we don't spot it otherwise!
  3. Okay, so this is maybe (MAYBE) just a little off topic, but does your name come from the song by the libertines? If so, awesome! That's one of my favourite songs! (And favourite bands... It's so sad they're not together anymore...)