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  1. Yes I do have an appointment but it looks like all dermatologists here are not even interesting to give me proper treatment maybe because it's not that bad I am not sure
  2. Yeah I have tried all creams like differin , duac etc. But couldn't get rid of them fully. Always have 4-5 spots I don't wanna risk it by taking accunntane still confused because 4-8 red spots are not bad I suppose my doctor just perscribed me for one month he told me to take them and he said it might go forever but I am still scared imagine it gets worse what do u suggest me ? Shall I risk just for 4-8 pimpels on right cheek ? Thank you for the help
  3. Hi everyone I actually never had spots in my life untill I moved to England where I started having breakouts and I started creams and gels and sometimes tablets for few weeks and used to get rid of it sometimes my skin was so clear that i didn't even have one spot But last year I got it back and I stick to my diet and daily gym routine I went to the dermatologists he told me to take accutane and I have been readings side effects and got really scared I want to get rid of spots forever Eventhou
  4. rocky93


  5. Hi I am 21 years old I actually never thas problems with skin but I moved to anorhed country where I started acne her and there I started taking tetraclryn for couple of months and used a lot of creams some times my skin used to get clear them I moved to anther doctor im different county whilst I was visiting that country he gave me medictation and it got clear for year and then again I started having problems The problem is dermatologist wants me to take more medicine but I don't want to tak