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  1. exercise if u can be bothered will stop red marks developing. back in school when my acne was the worse i never got 1 red mark when a pimple faded, cause i was in the soccer/hockey team. note: weight lifting isn't enough cardio is the key.
  2. acid is acid they both eat away your dead skin cells
  3. was just wondering if i mixed avc and water in a bottle wouldnt the water go bad after a while?
  4. i've got a fresh batch of cum if you want to try that on your face aswell
  5. does acv make your skin really red like a bad sunburn a few minutes after applying it? i consider my skin tough but this stuff leaves my skin dark red for 15-20minutes after washing off.
  6. i wouldn't leave this stuff on your skin overnight, when you sleep your skin heals best. i find wash your face with it wait a few minutes then wash it off works best. i'm not sure what % acidity i'm using but when i apply it neat it leaves my face red like a bad sunburn for 10minutes then looks great after i wash it off.
  7. merderma licks rectum it stinks gives you itchy skin and is slimy oh and can't forget it doesn't do shit.
  8. you should put how long you tryed each one cause i'm sure all of them work but obviously not fast enough for your skin
  9. i'm pretty sure it is an oil gland that has surfaced or pushed above the skin. i had one that formed after a giant pimple, after a micro dermabrasion it bleed then dissapeared no mark or anything
  10. all my red marks were indented but filled in over time. i think all red marks are slightly indented. i'd give bio-oil a shot.
  11. looks like your sleeping on one side. replacing pillow sleep every night can help and try not to mush your face into the pillow not good for the pores.
  12. hrm i just reliased this in the red marks topic. just a note bp will make your redmarks stay ALOT longer i know this from previous experience the bp wash was ok but the leave on over night bp gel/cream which did cure all my pimples made my redmarks stay for a couple of months longer then normal. then again everyones skin reacts differently.
  13. i don't think cetaphil is enough for you so i'd try either anti bacterial face wash like benzol peroxide or an exfoliating wash like glycolic acid i really think a leave on overnight benzol peroxide cream would be best!
  14. if one of them is just a wash sure but if your gonna leave them both on your skin i'd be carefull. they could cancel each other out or even react with each other and damage ur skin
  15. looking at ur skin i don't think anything topical will do much as you already know. if you are really that worried and want to take a risk i'd do something strong like the peel.
  16. bio-oil defninitly works on certain types of skin. i am very prone to clogged pores and suprsingly this stuff doesn't block my pores. i find this stuff works good after using a cleanser that won't strip ur skin of its natural oil ie glycolic acid, bp. i spot treat my redmarks ontop of an oil-free moisturizer and it DEFN WORKS!!!
  17. i was abit skeptical towards this product so i never bothered ordering it to much hassle one day i was in my local chemist in australia i came across a bottle of bio oil 60ml for $10 so i gave it ago and it defintly works on my red marks. i have naturally oily kinda pimple free skin, everyones skin is different so it could totally clear ur red marks up or make ur acne worse.