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  1. Hi all, I am on my last leg here. About three weeks ago, I had a bump in the crevice of my chin. I usually have whiteheads there that pop without issue, so I admit, I squeezed this one... big mistake. It popped several times the first 48 hours or so only to scab over, fall off to reveal fresh skin, and then a hard ball underneath. For a week and a half, every night a layer of skin would flake off and the ball would get smaller, but yesterday I woke up to a huge whitehead that easily p
  2. Hi all - I'm a bit lost as to what to do with my current situation. I'm presently on Finacea gel which has been working pretty well so far. I have a lot of clogged pores on my forehead, and it's been bringing them to the surface without much of a problem. However, last weekend I noticed a small bump in the center of my forehead. I left it alone for a few days, applying salicylic acid each night. Last Monday, though, I was stressed and irritated and - a bad, bad idea - I ended up squeezing i
  3. Thanks both of you. It's hard getting through these first few weeks of it, but I'm hopeful in a month or so my skin was be a lot less clogged up. I'll try and sit tight and not allow myself to pick and squeeze like I usually do.
  4. Hi all - First, a little background: I'm currently a sophomore in college and never had too much of an issue with acne except for a moderate breakout here and there until my freshman year. I began to have acne on my forehead, a place I had never struggled with before, about a year ago. I had been on Minocycline throughout 11th and 12th grade which worked great, but it was this time last year that I began to have some nasty side effects. I then went on Doxycycline from last spring until this
  5. I was on Minocycline throughout high school and loved it, but then about this time last year actually began to have major side effects. Apparently it can cause lupus-like symptoms and I went through about a 2 month period of thinking I had mono or something awful because I had incredible joint pain. I then began Doxycycline from last spring, maybe around April, until this past January when I switched to Ampicillin. Personally, I found Doxycycline great the first few months I was on it. It de
  6. Hi there - I occasionally get a breakout that sounds very much like this. I'll have a very deep, very inflamed cyst on my cheek that doesn't come to a head and no matter how much icing I do or attempts at decreasing it in size, it usually just goes away on its own in a week or so, leaving a bit of a dark mark - a terrible routine, but it's happened about a half a dozen times so far. However, the last one I did have, I had unbelievable success at getting it to come to a head by switching betw
  7. Hi all - I have a question about healing a pimple that really got out of hand. Exactly a week ago, I noticed that a small whitehead above my eyebrow was beginning to grow in size. By the next day, it had turned in a large, tender and painful pimple without a whitehead. All there seemed to be was clear liquid on the surface, almost like a blister. I tried putting heat and spot treatment gel on it for 2 nights but it only got worse. I attempted to pop it - I know, a terrible habit! - and ende