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    My interest right now is getting ride of Acne.. I hate each and every single one of them..Garrrrr!!..
  1. HEllo, I have started using Aluminum Chloride for 6 days now. Actually, I found it by accident. I have aluminum Chloride for my sweating prescribed by my doc but they have almost identical bottle as my astringent and I put them side on the same medicine cabinet but I was watching "Royal Pains" intently and I just didn't read the label and I accidentally put the aluminum on me face. That day was different coz I didn't break a sweat on me face and wasn't oily at all. Then came back home to trace w
  2. I have had acne since high school and it pisses me off that I still do have them now. Tomorrow is an interview and I have a big red pimple on me nose and darn frickin pores like the size of moon craters..I tried over the counter but seriously considering cosmetic surgery..What do you guys recommend?..Comments will be greatly appreciated..
  3. those are probably keloid, hypertropic scars. They are caused due to trauma to the skin. To be sure you need to go to your Derma and have it checked. It could be a non cancerous skin tag or some thing. U need to be sure instead of guessing.. That's my advice..Good luck!..
  4. Hi, I've been tryin this bacne product "Mario Badescu" cleansing lotion O". I tried it for 2 months and I saw a slow result but I noticed my bacnea were minimized but I stopped it for a while and my back is getting worse. can anyone tell me a better product or home remedy to combat bacne ? Lots of thanks..Cheers!.. Terminacnetor!..Garrrr!!!!
  5. Hi Tommy, just wondering if you know the diff. between classic and for men? I am using classic maybe its not that strong like for men, but I already bought 3 big bottles of classic. Do you use anything after using H&S for men? Thanks a bunch.. Aries Patuty..
  6. Hi just wanna know if anyone here has tried Head and Shoulders classic for body wash. Coz I have and it has been a month now since I started using it. I got the info in here stating that the shampoo can cure back acne and so I tried it and also put on tea tree oil as an after bath. Still get acne on my back but considerably lesser compared to before I still will continue it but just wondering if anyone has tried and if it worked for you.. THanks for any comments.. Aries Patuty..
  7. I just wanna say that the Urine therapy works.. The bumps seems to get smaller and the red marks are fading after a few days. I still get zits but once I pee on my face they seem to fade away a little faster compared to when I was using BP or Differin.. It has been 2 weeks now since I used my piss and I can say i'm gettin good results. Tonight I'll start pissing on my face and leave it on when I go to bed.. Hope everything works fine... I'll keep you guys posted..
  8. Hi ya oll !!.. I read a posting here that said something about using your own urine to cure mild acne.. Is this true and if it is then how do I do it? Do I need to mix it with something or just after peeing you splash it on your face?.. Aries Patuty
  9. Wow, finally guys that do things that I do.. I put on make up to cover my pimples and ice pick scars. I make my own make up base, I buy powder foundation in beige and buy a gel moisturizer then I mix them up and vuwala..My perfect for me..I use gel coz any cream base will coz acne.. You just need to experiement to get the right blend.. Good luck in your quest..
  10. Oh my gaa.. I feel the same way but I got so used to it. Now I don't have mirrors in my bathroom . I just look at my self in my closet mirror which has good lighting coz its right next to my window.. HOw I wish that I could just take a bath, put on my clothes and go to work without ever thing of my face.. Sometimes I wish I was Keanu Reeves, so good looking ...
  11. Me too.. Please! can anyone educate me on this duct tape matter. It sounds so bizarre and painful.. I have ice pick scars and my question is how will it help inprove the scars? What is in a duct tape? Hope my questions can be answered.. Thanks a bunch ya oll...
  12. F-IN A...man...F-IN A I don't follow It means F$%king Ass Man.. !!!
  13. You can try Differin that will lessen oil and use oil films incase you get too oily just to instantly remove oil from the face.. Also use Tea Tree Oil in an astringent form..
  14. I have tried dermabrasion and it just made me red for an hour and my scars where still there..I am thinking of laser resurfacing..
  15. Hi I have rolling scars on both my cheeks and I also have a few pimples but nothing major. I break out with two or four in a month. What I wanna know is how to hide this pesky rolling scars.. They're not that deep, you will only notice them when you look really closely to my face. I have been using (Gosh this is embarrasing) foundation in powder form but I feel that it is not giving me a full coverage plus it melts after a few hours then I feel sticky on my face that I have to wash it off.. Girl