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  1. hey! I don't know if you're still active here, but what kind of tests did you do for leaky gut? Very curious. I believe that my acne is either caused by leaky gut or parasites. I'm going to a functional medicine doctor in a month so I hope she tests for these things/looks into them. But I'm wondering what your tests that you have done included!
  2. Great work girl! I'm also about 1 month into a similar diet! (doing low sugar, night-shade free paleo). It's super hard, I feel like any and all free-time i have is spent cooking and doing paleo baking, but im sure that with more time i will hack the system and become more efficient at it. It's definitely helped my acne a LOT. Im going to keep going with this diet, i hope that in some months from now the results will be even better! Where did you get the guidelines for your candida diet? There i
  3. Wow thanks for posting your updates! I too have been doing this diet, has not been nearly three months so far, but the results are great! I also ate exactly pretty much what you ate for the bigger part of my life, i feel like the abuse of wheat and dairy (basically what i ate all day everyday, oh and white potatoes) has contributed to my acne persisting into adulthood. Question though, why are you avoiding pork sausages specifically?
  4. Thanks for the reply Mr. Brownstone! Glad to know I'm not the only one. It's just very peculiar because rapeseed came up as completely unreactive on my food allergy test, score of zero. Though that test is from 2013, maybe I need to re-do it for an update! I also will NEVER be using it again, in fact I'm afraid of it! What kind of oils are you using when you fry food? I don't fry often but basically all I use is lard, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Scared of olive oil because of all that stuff ab
  5. I have found, by an extremely long process of elimination, food journalling etc, that hydrogenated vegetable oils (namely canola, it was the only one I was using the past few years, I cut out all the others a long time ago) break me out, in deep cystic acne. Not limited to but especially concentrated around the mouth, chin, jawline area. Of course, everyone is different, but its worth continuing the trial and error with looking at patterns with reactions to foods.
  6. Calms my Skin, Reduces Pimples

    I love this stuff! The price is great, easy to use. When i use it regularly it definitely minimizes the amount of acne i have. I especially love to use it when my face is newly inflamed/red/hot (my face usually does this when it's having a break out-it's never JUST pimples, always redness/inflammation with the pimples) because it it SO GOOD at reducing redness and just CALMING my irritated skin. I am almost done my first bottle and i will probably keep repurchasing this for a long time. I use it
  7. Back on the paleo diet after a two-year grad school-induced hiatus. It's only been about two months and the improvements are huge! 

    1. Hey all, I have what I believe to be leaky gut acne too. Of course there is no diagnostic tool for this, but I had gone to a naturopath before and they suggested this might be an issue with my acne. ANYWAYS, yesterday after a loooong loooong time I decided to work out. I am one of those people who NEVER works out, but i still maintain an average bodyweight/shape so I guess i never had any real motivation to exercise. I did like a 40 minute workout (included in this is a warm-up and stretch
    2. That's a great one that you bought To be quite honest I don't wash my face unless I have to (if I'm taking off makeup). I find that washing it makes it more dry and then consequently more oily. HOWEVER, yes you should apply it after you wash your face. Don't wash it off. And definitely follow up with a moisturizing agent- I only use and strongly recommend oils like vitamin e, rosehip, grape seed etc! Make sure you dilute it with water, its a bit too strong to apply directly to the skin, I
    3. I find that no wash regimens work very well for me! Get rid of dryness and oiliness for my skin. It is when I see new pimples that i start getting obsessive about my face and end up washing it a couple times a day and totally regret it afterwards, because in the end I find that washing doesn't help much, and even makes my skin worse because it strips it of its natural oils Exfoliation on the other hand is key!
    4. I used to use tazorac many years back, i used it for a long time, and although my skin did improve, i found it WAY too drying. My whole face was always dry and flakey. Although back then I wasn't really good at moisturizing my face either, i'd stay away from anything moisturizing and just reach for products with ingredient that would dry out my pimples/skin. So perhaps it well help you out, and if you could find a good, natural, non pore clogging moisturizer-i would recommend you use it along
    5. Okay, so you have already gone the route of cutting out drying agents and instead using really oily/natural topicals! I am assuming you're older in age, but I know that when I was going through puberty the oiliness of the skin and hair was something that was really intense and couldn't be helped, so I just wanted to rule that out in case you are in that stage, but having read that you have been dealing with this for 8 years, you must be well past puberty! I noticed that my skin is also SIGNI
    6. It was alright

      I used to use this product a while back. It was good, not great though. I mainly stopped using it because the shade that was closest to my skin, still wasn't a very good match. I wanted to stick with it because of the generally natural ingredient, but it really didn't look convincing on my face.
    7. It works...for a short period of time

      First of all, in order for me to use this it had to be a good day for my skin (meaning that it was not super dry/flaky). If it was a little bit flakey (as can happen from various products and just acne prone skin in general) it would bring out of the flakiness even more. So on dry days it was a no no. On those days when I did use it, I personally found that my face got oily REALLY FAST underneath it. So my whole face would be so shiny. If I hugged someone taller than me the foundation would end