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  1. I'm on day 90 of accutane, and over the past few days I've broke out worse than I ever have in my life. Has anyone else experienced this?? Someone please tell me this is somewhat normal.
  2. In my case there was a little bit of a wait just because your blood work has to be looked at prior to your doctor filling out the prescription. However, aside from that it was a pretty quick process. Good luck!
  3. Day 65 Hi everyone, Officially into my third month on accutane. Things are pretty good, the right side of my face is quite clear, but I have a few actives on the left side and on my chin as well. However, I'm optimistic they will clear up soon. Side effects haven't really changed all that much which is fine with me. However, my nostrils have gotten increasingly sensitive to the touch, which is likely a by-product of the dryness. When did people start noticing the drug clea
  4. Hey guys, I'm going to the Caribbean with some friends for spring break and I'm on Accutane (Day 65 of 40mg/day). Does anyone have experience with drinking on accutane? This is just a 5 day trip but I was really hoping to be able to drink with my friends. Does anyone have any advice about the outer limits (generally) that exist while on accutane? I know it's different for everyone I'm just interested to hear about other people's perspectives and experiences. For context: I'm a
  5. I have the same bumps you're talking about. They're on my hands, biceps and forearms. Theyre little clustered bumps of dry skin basically, so moisturizing gets rid of them. I know this from my first course on accutane. Be sure to moisturize sooner rather than later though, because if left alone, they can become drier and red!
  6. Great to hear that your course is going well. I'm on 40mg/day, and things were pretty awesome until around day 40. Then I started to get a weird rash on my face, but I think it was a heat rash due to a vacation in Arizona. Not many zits or anything though. Best of luck on the rest of your journey!
  7. My face is absolutely awful. I think it's a rash. Looks like about a million tiny little red dots. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced this and how to combat it??? Or even how long it takes for it to go away????? This is awful. Please someone respond!!!
  8. Day 41 In the middle of a pretty bad breakout right now. It is pretty bad, not too sure what is going on because the past few weeks have been pretty good. This is different than other breakouts though, my neck is breaking out quite badly too. Hopefully this drys up pretty quickly and goes away because this sucks. Mirrors are my enemy right now. I was able to get aquaphor though, and this stuff is really good -- it works immediately. Side effects wise, I have started to experien
  9. Day 34 Almost 5 weeks in! Broke out a little bit over the past few days, but nothing too bad. I've gotten to the point where I'm not even worried about breakouts anymore just because I know I look a lot better and because I know they go away so quickly. I also think I'm past the initial breakout phase now at 5 weeks, especially seeing as I'm not changing my dosage at all. I am excited to stop getting new breakouts, hopefully that will happen reasonably soon. I'm already 5 weeks in
  10. Huge improvement man! Looking a lot better, you'll be clear in no time!
  11. Day 27 Yesterday I broke out a little bit. Not too bad though. Pretty big zit in the middle of my right cheek, and 6 or 7 really tiny ones on my left cheek. But the tiny zits more resemble a rash than actual zits so I'm not too sure what's going on there. Anyway, they'll most likely go away pretty soon. My face has started to get a little more dry. But it's really still nothing too crazy and quite manageable. I've still only used moisturizer a handful of times. I may start to us
  12. @John19 I may start. I've always been hesitant of using creams on my face though as even non-comedogenic creams seem to make me break out. I'm just hoping that I may be part of the lucky demographic that doesn't get too dried out on Accutane! After all, I drink large amounts of water per day, and am only on 0.5mg/kg/day which is a relatively low dosage.
  13. Day 20 As of right now I probably have about 10 actives on my entire face, with the majority of them being pretty small. Most of these are also the result of a breakout occurred over the period of about 2 days. This was a smaller breakout compared to what I had on day 11 or 12 which continued until about day 16 of 17. That was pretty bad, I had about 10 zits probably on either side of my chin. But luckily they went away very quickly and they didn't leave a mark or anything. These were a
  14. Day 15 Hey everyone! Just over two weeks in. Had a pretty bad breakout starting on Day 11 or 12 on both sides of my chin with approximately 8 zits on either side. They came to a head pretty much instantly and they're pretty much dried out now so that's good. Aside from that, haven't really broke out, maybe a few zits here and there but nothing too abnormal. My cheeks are looking pretty clear though, with very few new or existing zits. As for side effects, nothing too wild. I hav
  15. Day 10 Hey everyone, I just wanted to clarify that I'm on Accutane for persistent and not severe acne. I would say that prior to my usage of Retin-A my acne was moderately severe, but after 4 months my acne is now mild-moderate, but still not gone. As I said I think I had a mini IB the other day, and it has pretty much cleared up. Just did some counting and it looks like I have about 7 actives on my entire face, which I'm pretty happy with. By the way, only 2 or 3 of those are som