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  1. I looked up the correct spelling of it and it is tazorac. The amount of time it takes to clear up depends on the mark and skin I guess. I have had some brown marks go away in less then a weeks time, others took up to three or four weeks. I have one mark left on my forehead and its been about a week and you can still see it. So I guess it just depends on how deep it is or what not. Hope that helps
  2. I know how you feel. I had terrible acne in highschool and really didn't bother me too much. When I got to college it was all clear then I had a break out bad my junior senior year. I am 24 now and finally have it under control. I have one scar,(brown discolorisation) left on my forhead that wont go away. I am currently using an acid peal and now its a red mark, next step is neosporin to help heal and clean it out real good. Hopefully no scar left I am always focused on my face though,
  3. I have the same problem. My face is pretty clear now, have it all under control for the most part. The only problem is now that the acne is gone, brown marks were left behind. Time got rid of some, others I used the acid to get rid of it. The acid works well and pretty fast, but it does make your skin look worse. Where I applied it, the skin turned red and started to peel. Like I said, it got rid of the brown area, but for two weeks my face looked like I was sun burnt. I have one ma
  4. I've been using tazorac for a few years now and swear by it. It is a topical cream and I have found it's not for everybody. Basically the way it works for me is I apply it twice a day to affected areas and it pretty much dries it up and gets rid of any problems in a weeks time, two weeks maybe, depending on how bad or how you use it. I like to compare it to acid because I start to see a difference right away in my skin, sure it forms red marks, but they supside real quick.
  5. I feel your pain...I am so obsessed with my face. I am always picking at it or walking into a bathroom to look in the mirror to see how it looks. Like 10 or 20 minutes really makes a differenc. I usually get breakouts on my forhead and I for some reason think picking will make it all better, all I end up with is a nasty scab that takes forever to heal. I try not to pick but it is like a drug, it feels good. ](*,)
  6. It works real good, just go Walgreens or your local drug store and find some makeup that matches your skin color. You may need to buy a few and play around with them to find the right match. I have a few friends that work in the world of television and they showed me the tricks of the trade.
  7. I feel the same way all the time too. I am the only one in my family and among my friends that have this problem. Its hard going out when everyone else looks perfect and you feel like a dork. I am 24 and sometimes feel like I am 14 because I have a breakout or something. When I go out to bars I use to always try to stay where it is dark and such, but the last month or so I have been thinkin, who cares, I am 24 I only live once, go out and have fun. Life is to short to worry about a few
  8. what up dude... Been there done that as far as cancelling with friends to go out because of breakouts. I am suppose to go out tomorrow and unless something drastic happens as far as clearing up I doubt I will be having fun on Saturday night. The whole razor thing, I use to break out all the time when I shave. However, now I use Mach 3 razor blades and try to replace them every week, at the very least every two weeks. I also don't shave every day. I am italian too, so don't think I can
  9. Hey people whats up - I have been coming here a few months now and finally decided to register to give my 2 cents. I have suffered from this since I was in sixth grade, and now I am 24. While I am thankful its not as bad as it use to be, I still have the lingering effects of scars and every now and then I get a flare up and my face explodes. I like to compare my outbreaks to that of when the U.S. bombs Iraq, it happens fast and big. Here's the thing tough, I am so sick of hearing what c