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  1. Sry the title was to get your attention.. haha anyways lets get to the point... Does exfoliating unclog pores? like if u do it everyday? and also where do you buy Queene Helens Mint Jup.... mask i cant find it at my local walmart.... :] thanks sry to take your time!!
  2. thinking about bp long term scares me who else agrees?
  3. not recommended for ppl who is using the regimen!!
  4. right afta the bp dries cuz if ur skin gets tight and stuff your face will be burning when you put on the mosterizour!!
  5. any suggestions im on csr
  6. IMO, if your skin is really dry and you aaply mosterizour it will burn... from my experiences this is true... so after bp dont wait like more than 5 min... :]]]] no bashing just my opinion!!
  7. Hi anyone have any suggestions to which mosterizour and cleanser is good for oily and sensitive skin>
  8. can someone tell me where i can buy cleansing milk or a recipe to make one>> thanks!
  9. drink more water and it wont be like that!!
  10. Just thought that i would post this link of the benzoyl peroxide ban... http://acne-guides.com/a/acne-guides.com/1...pean+Union.html after clearing trying to change to salylic acid and was wondering wat it does?
  11. anyone have a specific mosterizour that helps with redness?
  12. for who wants to no how many ppl use this