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  1. I like my face skin but my body skin feels like a girls.
  2. My back hurt only when I went to lay down. The pain was there for no more than 5 seconds. It would last longer if I didn't just deal with the quick sharp pain and lay completely straight. Actually to describe the pain would be like a cramp. Starting to lay down it would hurt until I lied completely straight/flat and it felt like it was stretched out.
  3. I have been off of Accutane for 4 months now and for some reason my body skin hasn't turned back to normal texture. It is incredibly smoothe. Too smoothe actually. Reminds me of the time I experimented by shaving my legs. Sure it felt amazing for the first 2 days, but after that it became annoying. No guy should have to feel this smooth. Anyone else done accutane have this problem go away? I am becoming irritated having friend and especially my g/f ask me what kind of moisturizer I use on my
  4. 4...Olive skin...brown eyes...brown hair...only been burnt from the sun once in my life when I was in hawaii snorkling for a day.
  5. First time I ever had a cyst was due to accutane. I got one on my nose and one of my chin. The chin one I left alone, but the nose one I couldn't resist. Many people do not know that you can pop Nost Cysts. You stick your finger in your nose and push outwards. You will never see as much puss in your life. BTW I had no scar, but this is pretty lucky on my part.
  6. http://www.acneinfo.org/main.html Check out that site. They rank Accutane as not working very well, but rank some shitty ass throw together products as wicked. These are the sites to avoid when buying acne products.
  7. Well, as gross as this sounds, tonight I was getting some good mouth sucking action from my g/f when suddenly she said, "what the hell is that?" I looked down and said I don't know. What is was was a pimple on my penis. How wonderful that my face is all nice and clear and I get one on my penis. So, she got grossed out, I was left horny, I had to drive home with an erection that had so much blood in it my heart was about to fail, and when I got home I had to do it all myself. BAH!!! You people co
  8. Yep and it stopped a month after I finished my course.
  9. Who cares about taking food with the pills. Heck, half the time I was taking my pills I took a glass of water then went to bed. I was fine before and still am. The reason you are suppose to take food with the pills is because some people will have sore stomach if they don't.
  10. You actually have a simple solution to all of this. Go get some tattoos on your back. If you are a prepish type kid like me, get tattoos that just look nice or get a flag on your back of your country.
  11. Buy an electric razor with a gel in it that comes out when you shave. I heard of people replacing the gel inside of it (because it is irritating to sensitive skin) and putting cetaphil body wash in it. It is slick/smoothe. I haven't tried, but it seems worth it.
  12. I have these scars on my cheeks that look like someone gently pressed a ball point pen against my face. The hole is incredibly small and in the morning if I look at my face from the side, I cannot see a single scar. However, at night when I am getting ready for bed, they are very noticable. Question...why do they become noticable all of a sudden. Question...what can I do to smooth out my skin...very light scarring and I am only post accutane 4 months. So, I cannot do anything drastic due to
  13. I know exactly what you are talking about. When I look straight on at my face, I see NOTHING FOR SCARS. In the morning if I look into the mirror from the side it looks PERFECT. However, when I am getting close to bed, I look at my face from the side and it looks like I have the holes in my face. Small ones, but they are there. I have no idea how long it takes but my solution is a cheap one. I go and get tanning done. Now, nothing can be seen.
  14. Well, I decided to finally try a test to see how much M-bation/Sex triggers acne. I am a 20 year old male. I am post-accutane 3 months. These are honestly serious results so when you see the number of times I m-bated a day, I am not lying. First week Day 1: M-bated 6 times Day 2: 3 new zits --- m-bate 6 times Day 3: 2 new zits...others turned into red marks -m-bate 6 times Day 4: 4 new zits...still 2 from other day - m-bate 6 times Day 5: 2 new zits...1 zit left over...rest red mark