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  1. Hi, I believe its a broken capillary {blood vessel under skin},i don't believe any topical will clear it,a dermatologist should be able to confirm broken capillary if so, cool laser takes few minutes maybe some scabbing bit than gone,if u consider doing this there are different strenght levels dr who performs this would know recommend lower range don't want scarring
  2. pro-active is a complete benzoyl peroxide regimen i would reccomend,i've struggled acne since starting mild 14, in youth found bp all i needed,as older acne worsen with hormones did the birth control route 5yrs with spiro,wouldn't recommend got pulmonary embolisum from bc,had to stop them 2 yrs real bad acne till found safe product in place of bs...estrosense...just the name implies hormonal support,don't be fooled not a menapousel thing,it is balanced hormones supports healthy breast and period
  3. did dr recommend chaste berry, iwas taking bc with much improvement had to go off yr ago do to pulmonary embolisum,i've read about chaste berry herbal hormonal balancing supplement afraid of embolisum again but really need acne help since off bc cronic acne 35 non-stop yr..i take the vitamins antiniotic which is always given for acne ur taking probiotic if u could let me know more on chaste berry n probiotic please advise i also use topicals retin a,clinamycin since off bc tried blue light skin
  4. ive struggled hormomal acne life since 14 now 52 only thing that worked was spironolactone start 100 mg w improvement decrease and bc yasmin,i didnt discover this till 40 10yrs best skin i ever had some minor not cronic ,i got some health problems so off bc 2 yrs worst than ever.....also never gained any weight w yasmin and weight has been struggle w me also genetics, was never skinny thing but no added weight w yasmin also what using topiccal for big hard knot ones spot touch retin a will decre
  5. anyone using blue light w antibiotics if so which ones
  6. like to hear what topical meds people using w blue light anyone retin a or clindamycin,also w antibiotics can be used w light,very much appreciate responses
  7. deann

    52 Age & Acne

    hopeing someone can give some help 52 face full acne can't take bc due health issue is anyone using light therapy,i've been cking out nature bright clarity lamp not led but has 420nm blue which is recommeded can also change out to red,any advise light therapy or something that's worked for hormonal acne not bc
  8. has anyone used erythromycin or azithromycin
  9. does anyone take antibiotics that are red with light therapy
  10. are there any antibiotics safe with light treatment
  11. deann


    what gets rid of these big hard knotty pimples
  12. what are u washing with,also thers another post by lookingfor the cure couple post below yours,believe your problem is over washing over drying which is forcing skin to produce sebum,a gentle less drying cleanser is cetaphil they also have moisturizer,recommended by my derm, hope i helped
  13. not just dry, dry is flesh color i moisturize this burnt like when you get bad sunburn dont know if i should let just dry and peel on its own like a sunburn or moisturise
  14. i use retin a always moisterize when skin is dru still flesh color dry flakes off or moisterizer peels off, but now serious dry raw red burnt jaw line erea advise burnt like when uyou get a sumburn so i dont know if i should moisterize or leave alone moisterizing will soften but this is burnt maybe needs to just dry and peel off like to reveal new skin beneath like when sunburn peels