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  1. gator

    First day!

    Hi Calvin, I made the same mistake the first time I used BP and my skin was red for almost a week. It did dry up the acne but the side effects were terrible. It usually takes a week or two before your skin gets used to the BP but once it does, the BP will keep your skin acne free for a very long time. I don't think it'll get nasty like before, I also have very sensitive skin and the side effects go away after day 7 or 8. Don't forget to wear a sunblock of at least 15 SPF.
  2. Hello, I think Dan's regimen will clear you up in no time. As for the scars, don't worry about that they are invisible to the naked eye.
  3. gator

    First day!

    The best of luck Calvin. You need to be patient and stick to your regimen no matter what.
  4. gator

    Break Free

    WOW you are HOT
  5. gator

    week 31

    You look BEAUTIFUL Rebecca. Where are you from ?
  6. gator

    Photo 1587.jpg

    I think you look pretty.
  7. WOW. Amazing results. Keep up the good work !
  8. WOW I've been following your progress and accutane is really a miracle drug. Scars will get better with time. Congratulations I'm really happy for you.
  9. Wow accutane is a miracle drug. I'm surprised. Congratulations
  10. I know what you fucking mean. Please don't fucking give up. If them mother fucker bullies have the right to fucking enjoy life, so do you. Suicide is for weak fucking fuckers. It gets better but you have to be strong and keep in mind that it'll get better. These are just fucking phases some us have to go through but we have to be strong. You have my fucking support as well. Cheer the fuck up !
  11. I got 3 huge pimples this week. I stopped picking for about 2 weeks and my skin really got better but when I saw my huge pimples on the bathroom mirror 4 days ago I decided to pick and my skin got a lot worse. I didnt go to work for 2 days because my skin was swollen and extremely red. Now it is better and hopefully by next sunday the huge scabs on my face will have come off. I'll remember this terrible week next time I want to pick. In the meantime I think I should avoid mirrors as much as po
  12. gator

    Me playing guitar

    OMG don't be silly. overall loss of motivation in life ??? you are only 18 and believe me it gets better with the correct treatment. Please don't say that. I get depressed easily and when my face looks like shit I don't even want to go out and I'm always in a bad mood but I know from experience that it gets better. I wish I could play the guitar please keep playing ! Good luck and cheer up
  13. gator


    I second that. Your eyes are amazing.
  14. gator

    old cass home.jpg

    Beautiful place and girl. Where is it ?
  15. gator

    red marks...grrr!

    I agree with the derm. Don't worry about those red marks. I get the ocasional red mark after a big pimple but they usually fade within 2 to 3 weeks.
  16. you'll get there just be patient.
  17. Wow you're definetely getting there. I'm impressed. How do you feel now after looking back at the first pictures ???
  18. gator

    day 55

    You 're not alone man. I'm on the same boat here. This weekend I didn't even get out of my bed.
  19. You'll get clear in no time. It'll keep getting better and better.
  20. gator


    Wow and wow again. You will be be even more good looking after your course. Keep it up
  21. Wow. you are almost clear. You are a good looking guy btw.
  22. gator

    Today 2

    I don´t care what you think I think it looks better. Don´t get depressed. Believe me I used to have perfect skin and then one day like ten huge pimples appeared on my face I thought my face would never recover and started using different products which made matters worse. After a couple of months I have finally managed to control my acne. You are a good looking guy and you´ll get over this. Stay positive.
  23. wow I see improvement. Hang in there you are a good looking guy once you are done with the tane chicks will be all over you.