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  1. Bonjour :)

    Oh, and comment virginity!

    1. I know what you fucking mean. Please don't fucking give up. If them mother fucker bullies have the right to fucking enjoy life, so do you. Suicide is for weak fucking fuckers. It gets better but you have to be strong and keep in mind that it'll get better. These are just fucking phases some us have to go through but we have to be strong. You have my fucking support as well. Cheer the fuck up !
    2. I got 3 huge pimples this week. I stopped picking for about 2 weeks and my skin really got better but when I saw my huge pimples on the bathroom mirror 4 days ago I decided to pick and my skin got a lot worse. I didnt go to work for 2 days because my skin was swollen and extremely red. Now it is better and hopefully by next sunday the huge scabs on my face will have come off. I'll remember this terrible week next time I want to pick. In the meantime I think I should avoid mirrors as much as po
    3. Does any1 know if I can use terramycin while on the CSR ? I find that terramycin helps moisturize the skin and it is also used to control acne but I have no idea if it could be used along with benzoyl peroxide. Thanx Roger