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  1. Oh wise ones....I have been on tane since the end of May without too many problems. I have cleared several times only to have my knees taken out with a breakout every few weeks...what gives? Anyway, I am on the mend, once again, and I have two healing spots that heal/peel off and look red again then heal again. This process repeats itself every few days? What is up with that and how or what can I do to assist the healing process??? The doc gave me Silvadene cream today to put on the spots, I g
  2. Sept 20 AAACCCCKKKKK Its baaaack, out of no where "it" has taken a turn for th worse. grrrrrr thought I was out of the woods but NO... I am considering dumping this med just out of pure frusteration! Anyway, getting better every week but I have some spots that at peeling and then healing. It has been a maddening alteration between looking better and worse. I THINK I am on the mend again. Any ideas on how to clear up the old left over red spots? Doc gave me Silvadene cream? It used fo
  3. Shoot...it's been a long time since I've update this log. I am clear and have a life now. Gone back to night school for an advanced degree, been conducting workshops where I would have never stood before an audience before. Going out nights for social activities.....I've even met someone special ;-) I can say, life is different when you have clear skin and Confidence. I wonder if the emotional aspect of acne is a lack of core self-esteem...not to get Freudian but Since Accutane cleared my sk
  4. Jenna: I went with an Aveda shampoo, gentle and does a good job. My hairloss slowed considerably when I bumped myself down to 40 mg a day rather than 60. I alternate now with 40/60 and seem to be doing much better. When ever I notice the hairloss increasing I lower my dose. I dont think the shampoo did much for me. Hope you find something that works for you. MONTH 2.5 Just got back from New England, wow what a great vacation- not a blemish to speak of! I did stop in Salem MA and fo
  5. whew.... the IB is over for the most part..could have been worse! I'm back on track with clear skin and just some slight redness that will fade...hopefully. Week 7 ish... The good stuff: Over the breakout without too much damage. I can live my life without covergirl or scads of makeup pasted all over my face. Perfect? no, but acceptable. Hair loss slowed considerably by backing down to 20 mgs for a few days. I am back up to the full 60 now...wait and see on this one. Not so good: muscles s
  6. HI P/W speaking of psych, I sometimes remember or imagine my face looking broken out right before I look into a mirror, then it seems much better than what I imagined and I feel good. Dr. Freud would probably put me away but it works! I suppose perpective is the only reality. So nice to hear you are doing well and there is life after Tane. It's been so hot here in the Mid-West my skin has been reacting to it...ugh The skin scratches/injuries are annoying. For me, they are cyclic, about on
  7. Week 6.5 Well, got the thick skin patches coming off the same spot every other day and leaving a pink mark...suppose it could be worse but I was so happy at 4 weeks because I was totally clear...I think I'll live. My skin is cutting and getting abrasions really easily now. Disturbing to look at your hands and arms and see yet another injury with no clue how it happened or when. Other than that, I am doing good. No other bothersome side effects. I think I need to up the water intake again.
  8. Hey kid, checkin' up on you. Glad things are going well. Did you take the antibiotic or just the Tane? I know you were worried about the IBO.
  9. Yiiippppeee Those little bumpie's days are numbered! You might have some slight pink as they work their way out but dont worry, your skin will recover just fine..so glad you are doing well Hey, I totally hear you on the hot flashes... Is this was menopause will be like???? if so, it's goings to suck ! hang in there
  10. Just dropping by to see how you are doing. So glad you are clear and without nose bleeds. My condolences on the egg's
  11. I have an old facial injury (May 06) from a cat..as weird as it sounds it appears that I have developed odd raised dry skin patches right on the area of previously injured skin the skin thickens, peels off remains pink, then the thick skin regrows and the process starts over again. I've done a forum search and googled the effects of Accutane on previously injured skin but cant find anything. Does anyone have information about this? Is it common? Thanks in advance
  12. Paul: It appears the invaders have landed in more than one place. Here's my theory; I also had two small UFO's show up a couple days ago. they dont sound as severe as your visitor but they are skin colored raised bumps that when scratched off leave a pink patch underneath. They do have thick dead skin on top, like a scab ...but not really a true scab. Anyway, I had gotten scratched by my cat on that very spot back in May and I think the tane is doing something to the previously injured skin
  13. Tanya: Hate the fact that the rug gets pulled out whenever I think I turned the corner. It's not so bad now I can cover it with make up. I resent the fact that I have to wear cover up now. Even the words "make up" and "cover up" imply that I am inherently flawed. Thanks for your support you too moe...as disgusting as your thoughts may be, I appreciate them. Here is something disturbing....I believe I thought that also at one point. Hi Min, thanks for stopping...... may the skeeter
  14. OK people, I need help background: just over a month into treatment and I had 2 skin colored bumps on the left side of the face that I scratched off and left some red marks. (I know I shouldn't touch) anyway, the skin grew back quickly but was very rough a patchy. The skin keeps coming back but then falling off again. What is going on with this? How do I treat it..should I treat it with anything? This doesn't seem to be healing right. Anyone ?
  15. OK mad as hell right now. You know the bumps that appeared out of no where that can be scratched off. it seems that they were attached to patches of thick dry skin. Those came off today to leave in it's wake a nice large red mark. then the sink seems to 'regrow' quickly only to come off again and revert back to a shiny red mark..no bump, no nothing just a honkin' red mark. remember way back when I said I was getting all confident I seem to be losing my confidence,,,this sucks OK..enough fe