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  1. I see that some people say H&S makes their condition worse, and the last thing I would want to do is make someone’s problem worse. But maybe it becomes worse, just like most of the remedies do at first, and then gets better after a week or two. I would say if you don’t notice improvement in a week, or if you have a reaction, then of course stop. All I know it has worked for me and other people. I rinse it off after leaving it on for a couple minutes. Everyone is different, but
  2. I have a somewhat different theory on how salt may help acne. First, salt is a disinfectant, so it kills bacteria, this is obviously a key factor. The other poster said that the pus is more solid, but he believed it was an emulsification process, however, I believe it is through a process of osmosis, whereby excess liquid in the abscess is drawn out through the skin (cell membrane) to the higher concentrate of solute (salt) where it helps to consolidate the infection, and thus making the expulsi
  3. Get the one called "classic clean" it works for me anyway. One thing I don't do is leave it on after showering, I rinse it off, however you should leave it on for at least a couple of minutes before rinsing. If putting some more on and leaving it helps, maybe try it, it might depend on how severe it is. It seems to help my face as well, but I still use BP once in a while. As a side note, since I've been using it my under arms to wash, again, leaving it on for a couple minutes, I never need
  4. Get the one called "classic clean" it works for me anyway.
  5. I have found (by accident) that washing my troubled body areas with Head and Shoulders shampoo has helped quite a bite. I have also read accounts on the internet about others having the same reslults. Please let me know if this helps anyone.
  6. Could you give a little more detail on how to prepare and apply the mask?
  7. Has anyone tried Proactive? Just curious.
  8. Yeah, for me it's probaly about 3 or 4 times, but it probably depends on how tough your beard is. I can notice that it doesn't cut as well, but I only shave every other day. (I don't mind the Don Johnson look, and it is less irritating). Also, if you shave after showering, your beard will be softer and eaiser to shave.
  9. I have found that Equate Moisturizing Lotion from Wal Mart seems to work fine, and the ingredient are identical to Cetaphil, at a much lower cost. Has anyone used both products?
  10. I had what I thought was psoriasis on my nose, rash like, very itchy and flakey. This condition persisted for quite some time and I was ready to go to the dermatologist, but instead, I found out on the internet that washing it with certain anti-dandruff shampoo may cure it, so I went out and bought some Selsun Blue, and some Neutrogena with coal tar, plus my usual Head & Shoulders, I washed the affected area once a day in the shower using a different product each day (I get a feeling the coa
  11. I normally use Gillette twin blade disposable, they just seem to work the best for me. I use them just a few times until I notice they donât work quite as well. I quit using BP many years ago because I too thought I was becoming resistant. I switched to Stridex extra strength pads (harsh) which worked really well for me, until they changed the formulation and took out all of the alcohol, after that they didnât seem to be nearly as effective. I have not found a suitable substitute. Also I have no
  12. I've had good luck with using Head & Shoulders on problem areas on the body - usually once a day in the shower. I'd be intereseted to know if anyone else has had such results?
  13. I went to the local Wal Mart to buy the recommended products for the regime, I found the Neutrogena 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, but it said it was a cream, and I wanted a jel, assuming that jel was what was best. The store had the Equate brand of benzoyl peroxide “jel� 10% so I just bought it, at a much lower cost too. They also had the Equate brand of cleanser and moisturizer that is supposed to be equal to that of Cetaphil. After opening the Equate benzoyl peroxide, I found it to be a cr