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  1. ive been usin retin-a, well its the generic brand tretinoin .05%, for over a month now, at night and azelaic acid cream in morning. I think the retin-a makes my skiny very oily at night after i apply it and i am not really happy with it. My skin does look somewhat better after a month and a half but i still break out pretty badly and i dont think the retin-a is helpin. i made another apt. with my derm im gonna ask to switch to differin or somethin at night. What is the difference between diff
  2. found my cam stuff www.angelfire.com/punk3/nimsekz/1.jpg www.angelfire.com/punk3/nimsekz/2.jpg www.angelfire.com/punk3/nimsekz/3.jpg oh and dont you think i'd be a good condidate for tane? i do
  3. hi im mike just came across this board searchin for some info on some meds im takin as of late. im 17 and have had very mild to moderate acne since 14 and never really done anything bout it til now. i used pads n cleansers.. i was prescribed benzaclin once but that didnt work after a few months of use and i think i became allergic to BP because of it, i cant use anything with bp anymore or my face blows up. in the past 4 months my skin has gotten worse then its always been so i finally wen