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  1. Jakesimon1234

    Week 7.8

    Nvm I broke out again I'm done with this bullshit
  2. Jakesimon1234

    Week 7.5

    My skin has done a complete 180 im happy with the state of my skin it is by no means flawless but it's in a state where I can look people in the eye or stand under over head lights and not feel self conscience im hoping that the last breakout I had is the last that is the 3 Rd HUGE and I mean huge breakout I've ever had so im praying and hoping that my skin will only improve from here
  3. Extremely broken out.
  4. Hey I'm in the same boat as you , starting week six and broke out AGAIN your not alone but I'm using ziana
  5. Jakesimon1234

    Week 6.1

    This week was better actually, by no means clear but better. And as I said in my last post it seems to be almost gone and then another breakout. It seems endless. I just washed my face and it always looks worse after I shower or wash it. So I'm down about that. It normally looks less irritated in the morning. Still continuing the process there are a lot of ups and downs to this product but whatever
  6. Jakesimon1234

    Week 5.1

    I'm still the same maybe a little worse. But I was told that week 4 is the worst week. I'm hoping things will start looking better this week.i am sitting in a computer lab at school right now in the corner hiding my face. I do t want to be out in public or seen by anyone when my face is like this. I still have faith in this product. It's clearly doing something if it's bringing all of this crap up from my face. I been breaking out consistently almost since I started. But this and one in week 3 a
  7. Jakesimon1234

    Week 4.4

    My skin is worse... The breakout seems to clear almost and then a new wave of breakouts come. It is frustrating and I don't wanna leave my house. But I'm going to stick with it I guess it hasn't been a full four weeks yet so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just don't want this initial breakout to last much longer.
  8. I didn't say my skin was immune I said it seems like it is less effective as time goes on. Benzoyl peroxide works by creating oxygen under the skin. I'm saying that as time goes on you may not get the consistent perfect skin you had in the previous months.
  9. The breakout is fooling it seems to come in waves, just when you think it's clearing another wave of pimples appear in large quantities and are you clear yet?
  10. Jakesimon1234

    Week 2.8

    I've been using Bianca for 2.8 weeks. I should have started this blog earlier but better late than never. So starting from the beginning I used the regimen it worked for a few months and then my acne returned. So I panicked and went to my derm. She prescribed me Biacna gel topical treatment ( 1.2 % clindamycin phosphate and 0.025% tretinoin ) I have not yet experienced and bad side effects like irritation and slight dryness in the first week or so of use. At around 1 week and a few days or so
  11. This regimen is well thought out and an extensive process. And with time a patients it will work but by no means is this a cure for acne. It took about 2 months tops for my skin to become flawless. And pimple free. But don't get your hopes up. Because more often than not the acne will return. The skin eventually builds up an immunity or antibiotic resistance to the bp and the product is no longer as effective as it once was. I was clear for maybe 4 months plus the 2 it took me to become clear. T