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  1. Please leave it! If i had the courage to show you the scars I left myself from picking at my nose cysts! It'll go away don't worry
  2. I have the exact same thing Ive been searching everywhere for answers, hopefully I can finally treat it after 5 years !!
  3. Hi, I had these bumps on my forehead when I was younger I only saw a difference when I completely cut out makeup and started using bp but the big game changer for me was cutting out dairy, so diet plays a huge role in my acne as well as my hormones. Its worth getting some blood tests done before jumping on accutane best of luck hun
  4. Did you have clogged pores and blackheads along with the sores? Im thinking i might have staph.. a while ago I had a cyst on my inner thigh then one developed in my armpit i still get some on my thighs not too large and some in my underarms. Its interesting because reading that it could be spread I have 4 other siblings and almost all of them have had acne specifically on the nose too I'm very glad i found this
  5. I feel for you on every level, especially the light I get so nervous if I have to do something outdoors or during the day because I feel like everything can be seen. Have you had your hormones checked at the doctors it could be contributing to it. If nothing externally is working its good to consider the internal hormonal factors. You're not alone!! hang in there lovely !!
  6. Hey guys I always used to come on here during high school when my acne was at its worse. I started suffering from acne at 13, became severely depressed about it at 15-16 (hospitalised and medicated). My acne during that time was cystic on my nose, my forehead was covered in whiteheads and inflammation on my upper lip with a bit more cystic on my chin. My skin has been very oily my whole life ( yay for genetics!) Countless times I went to my derm and she prescribed me duac, differin , minocy