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  1. kristifire,what did your derms say happened to make your skin red for such a long time? i think its slightly different from what i stupidly did to my skin..i didnt use any chemicals that night, thank God, cos if i did, after over-exfoliating, i probably wouldve fainted from the stinging all night! mines ok now, i stayed indoors for about 3 days and made sure my face was reallly moisturised, i even put a thin layer of olive oil on it for a few hours the second day cos its meant to help with burns
  2. thanks. im in the uk and we dont have neosporin here, but i just made sure the skin was moisturised all day and night and the next day the dry skin began to flake off. so far no pigmentation/scarring seems to be visible..although its hard to tell cos of all the existing red marks... thanks for the suggestion tho
  3. thanks so much for the reply. i've been putting vaseline on the really dry areas after wetting them with a bit of water, otherwise my face feels like its actually going to crack. just realllly wish i had just left those stupid flakes alone thanks again
  4. ok so i started to use retin A cream 0.025% for the second time (i used it a few years ago and it helped alot with red/brown marks so i started using it again this wednesday). last night (saturday), i went out but cos of the retin A, my skin was really flakey and it was making my makeup flake off. when i got home, in frustration, i thought yeh its all good, i'll just get rid of these flakes... when cleansing, i used a facial exfoliation brush..gently at first cos i didnt want to be too harsh
  5. thanks for the replies guys. i've used mine twice so far..cant really tell if its done me any good..will have to wait a few more weeks obviously. the one im using is supposed to use ''a negative charge to draw out impurities''....hope its doing what it says lol. hope it does clarify the skin in the end and reduce the formation of blocked pores etc. thanks again
  6. didnt really know where to post this..so here goes.. has anyone ever used a clay mask to ''deep cleanse/condition'' the skin...e.g. once a week or so? which ones did u use that u felt actually DID work? i bought one the other day from boots in the uk made from natural oceanic clay. its supposed to have some very natural ingredients in it, like burdock (some sort of antioxidant plant extract). anyone find their pores seemed clearer from using a clay mask and do u recommend it? thanks
  7. hey guys, i recently bought the new soft flex version of the revlon colorstay foundation and although the coverage is amazing and my friends have complimented me so much on the way it makes my skin tone look, i still dont feel very confident because i have some scars on the centre of my cheeks from old spots...it makes my skin look very rough and bumpy when in fact if i touch it its really really soft..in certain light it looks ok, but in other light the scars/enlarged pores are just emphasised.
  8. hey everyone thanks so much for your recommendations and tips- theyve made me more confident to go out and try these blushers now that i know blushers that dont break u out DO exist! i tried on a clinique one the other day but was scared to spend so much money on it because the oil-free pressed powder from clinique breaks me out (i think so anyway)..i was looking at bobbi brown too but when the makeup artist said they are NOT non comedogenic i got put off, she said MAC do a non comedogenic blush
  9. Those of you that wear blusher, which ones are safe for acne prone skin? oil free/ non comedogenic? i've never worn blush before so am very hesitant about wearing it incase it breaks me out..or makes me look like a clown lol but my foundation makes my face look so flat and dead that im starting to feel like i need something to make me look alive again lol any recommendations? also which kind of shade do u think someone with asian (indian) skin tones should use without looking too made up?
  10. ok thanks i'll try a couple of the 300mg ones out tonight then and see how it goes
  11. hey guys what dosage of aspirin do u use for the mask? i have 75mg dispersible b.p aspirin tablets and 300mg b.p tablets..and thats a huge difference in dosage so im kinda scared incase i overdose through my face lol..help! (btw what does the b.p on the pack mean? anyone know?)
  12. i use tea tree oil shampoo(i was told by the lady at the body shop to do this) to wash mine everynight. The powder brush tends to take a long time to dry fully if i wash it just before bed so i try to do it early evening so its fully dry the next morning. and ew, the bacteria on the screen from the tyra banks link are gross...scary lol.
  13. Thanks alliecat. i'll try and see if i can get the actual cream version from somewhere, its really hard to find here. thanks again.
  14. can someone who has used neosporin please post all the ingredients? (i mean the non-active ingredients too). im in the uk and we cant get neosporin here, so my doc prescribed me another neomycin sulphate cream, its got 2 of the same active ingredients as the actual brand-named neosporin cream. im a bit concerned though because i only just started using it and its not a cream at all, its more like vaseline; translucent yellowy/brown, really quite greasy. some of the inactive ingredients include
  15. i've been using this for years now and have always suspected it has been causing spots because i almost always have 1 or 2 spots on my cheeks, (where i have to put a heavier coverage on due to worse red marks there)..it does give really good coverage though. It bugs me that its meant to be 'oil free' but the little disclaimer thingy says its only 'free of animal and vegetable oils'..this probably means its got other synthetic oils in it that clog pores?im starting to suspect it more now and