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  1. Lemon peels have oil in them, which won't be in the juice. Lemon juice does not have any oil in it. The following link is to the USDA food nutrient composition database, search for "Lemon juice, raw", and you'll see that there aren't any lipids (fat) in it. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/ -Val
  2. Hi all, my name is Val, I'm new here at acne.org. I live in the US. I am 29, and have very sensitive combination-to-dry skin, and light but persistent acne (not severe at all, but annoying and occasionally slightly embarrassing/painful). I started out a few weeks ago with the Purpose soap, Neutrogena on-the-spot, and a light spf 30 moisturizer by Eucerin. I had painfully red, dry, flaky skin in 2 days, only using the BP lightly at night- ugh! I stopped a few days, then re-started with Cet