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  1. Oh my god, thank you all like so much. Hearing your support really helps! I never really knew that there are other people out there who understand me and feel the same way I do... that this has impacted other's lives as much as it has mine. I think I am going to talk to him about it and just tell him it's a tough issue and try to explain it I guess... thank you all so much for your support (:
  2. So I am in my first serious relationship with this really amazing guy who honestly doesn't care about my looks... but he's tried bringing up my acne a few times because he's curious I guess and each time I back away and can't talk to him for a while. I am so insecure it's to the point where I honestly can't talk and it's hard not to cry. I just want him to stop bringing it up... but from what I've read on here it seems like I should start talking to him about it... Another thing is that once he
  3. Ugh. I sort-of have a list going on 1.) "Pizza face" shout out to older guy who called me this every day in my advanced math class! It was just SO funny that it made me go home and cry almost every night. 2.) When people that I don't even know come up to me out of nowhere and start rattling of this treatment that is totally guaranteed to make everything better. Because it's not like I've actually tried anything before, right? 3.) The typical "what's wrong with your face?" Especially