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  1. Thanks for all your replies! Well its August now and I'm about to start my fifth month on Microgynon. Good news, my acne hasnt come back. I though going from Dianette to Microgynon would send it crazy as they are completely opposite pills. My skin has got oiler, but thats not an issue really I just use boots own oil absorption sheets half way throughthe day or use a mattifier. The acne however has stayed away. Its good to have oiler skin anyway, its much slower to age than dry skin and as long
  2. Hello, My dr has taken me off dianette and onto microgynin. I had bad acne before but dianette has given me the best skin ever! Now I'm terrified microgynin wont help me. Has anyone tried it? What effects did it have?
  3. Saved my skin with no side effects

    Hello, I developed acne when I was 13 and it just never went away. It destroyed my confidence. When I was 25 (after years of the doctors fobbing me off saying I would grow out of it) I was in having an appointment with the nurse (ear infection) when she asked how long I had the acne for. I told her 12 years and she was shocked a doctor had never offered me treatment. She made me an appointment with the doctor about it so finally a doctor would have to do something about it. The doctor prescri