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  1. hey, quick question... its been about 2 1/2 months for me. great results. but lately i've noticed a rash on my elbow. the skin is a little rough and red. Should i be worried? Pllleaaasee someone answer, if you know anyhting about it. I've notified my doctor about it. But i dont want to stop the treatment unless it is life threatening. Thank you!
  2. been about 1 3/4 months. time is flying by fast and so are the spots. There is a lot of redness and slight bit of scarring starting to show. any suggestions on getting rid of the redness and help minimize scarring while still on accutane? Thanks and good luck to all.
  3. 30 days, 80 mg wow its been one month!!! i just got bumped to 80 mg.. i think my IB is over.. and my face is starting to clear... (knock on wood) side effects: dry lips, eyes, nose, face, aching body, slight joint pain triglycerides are in control.. but i need to start working out more... i just took a pic yesterday... and wow! a huge difference to day 1... here's to continuing the progress...
  4. hey there... sorry for being AWOL for a while... i just wanted to take my mind off acne for a bit... just till the IB cleared. I just knew i would just keep obsessing over my face if i kept checking my progress day in day out. but guess what... i think my IB is over.. (cross my fingers and knock on wood) my face and lips are dry.. and i think all the spots are starting to heal... i just got bumped to 80 mg after my visit to the doc... did u get bumped up too?
  5. alright the reason i havent been on here is cause i'm freaking out... i have huge spots on my cheeks.. and the existing ones are all scabby and drying.. my face has zero oil which is the only upside... its been about 3 weeks... my bloodtest is next week... i hope by triglycerides are in control... fingers crossed.. hope this gets better soon... i really need this to be over!
  6. hey... wats ur fav place that u've travelled to? ur right.. in terms of my skin, i definitely prefer winter. I'm currently in michigan.. but i travel to NY, DC, and cali on a weekly basis. On top of that I get to travel anywhere I want in the US for free on the weekends.. so i'm trying to visit as many places as I can. How do u like Toronto? are u going to college there ?
  7. Hope you're clearing up! Good luck!
  8. Day .. not sure. Will try and figure it out later. 60mg. my third week I'm having a crazy breakout!!! Someone please tell me this is normal??? My skin was doing fine and then all of a sudden i'm have so many new guys pop up everywhere! My oil has gone down slightly... nothing drastic.. My lips are super chapped and dry! ... and the acne is still there .. ahh! Is this normal? Anyway... i'm going to keep going... starting a new time management method to keep myself on top of
  9. hey.. atleast ur moving in the right direction! .. where u from? i pretty much live in a suitcase.. too much travelling.. but i get to see a lot of places so thats good.. its starting to get cold.. r u a winter person or summer?? more dryness i guess... i wonder if its better to be on accutane in the summer or winter. hope that oil disappears even more for you! ttyl
  10. Day 10, 60 mg.. nothing to report... still no significant improvement.. slightly less oily.. Side effects: no more headaches.. chapped lips... ahh stupid oil!! go away
  11. haha, i'm a bollywood junkie so i watch everything and have a massive list of favorites in movies and actors..but if i had to choose fave actor/actress i'd say amir khan and aishwarya rai..from recent movies Ahista Ahista is one of my faves (really sweet movie)... the new munnabhai is reallllly good, watch it in theatres if u havent already seen it, totally worth it tell me abt ur favorites! the accutane is going same as usual, except the skin is getting noticeably drier...not a bad dry tho
  12. hey... thanks for the encouragement! I was going thru your log and it seems like you have a lot of male fans its great to hear that ur face has cleared up and things are going well!!! you are right... time started off slow but is definitely picking up pace! .. its already been 9 days... which may not be a lot but given the fact that I've been waiting a long time to get on accutane... i'm glad that i'm atleast moving forward instead of backward.. i'm just worried about these
  13. my oil hasnt dried up either!!! what is going on!???!? hmm.. and i'm still on day 8 Have most everyone had their oil go away within the first two weeks or is this normal?? thanks!
  14. Day 8 Woohooo 1 week and 1 day! ... hmmm still oily how long did it take most people to get oil free??? i'm getting another breakout ... sux... but the exisiting spots are healing ... Side effects: Chapped lips!! ahh... its sooo dry.. .. other than that nothing else... knock on wood... slight back pain.. and feeling sooo tired.. so tough to get out of bed and I have a much bigger appetite Another question: what should I use for my eyes and hair to avoid dryness?? Th