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  1. dUNDUNDUN i dont know if u guys remember me but i posted a pic of my self a whiiiiiile back, ive been reading this post alot, GUESs what I found the PerfecT COmBInATION.. this is what you do... If u have Aloe vera and u take it like a big stem of it or something than u put it in the blender and u pour ACV in it and a little bit of water and u mix it together than u use it on your face and ull have cleared marks faster than you can say badonkadonk!! !ADSF! btw Smashingpumpkins are u married??? o
  2. hey what do you guys think of this idea / if its ok to do or not.. apply 50/50 ACV than after like 10 mins apply some ALOE VERA i have an aloe vera plant that my mom tells me to put on for my face but im just wondering u think itll be cool if we apply both?
  3. i heard that if u apply honey on ur redmarks .. it makes them fade away
  4. lol yea mine do, when i smile very big or press on them they do go away.. i wonder why the hell ..
  5. i might do this maybe a year or two or maybe 3 after if nothing works on my red marks such as ACV, than if acv doesnt work than ALOE VERA, than if that doesnt work than its smooth's idea.. btw does drinking alot of water help with redmarks?
  6. hey i gots a question to miss pumpkin, or anyone else who can awnser my question uh lets see i got a duac cream i put on every night it contains 5% BP with 1 % clindamycin, and i wash my face usually with a 4 % bp brevoxyl wash maybe 2 or 3 times a day, and this 1 % clindamycin thing i apply on my face after i wash my face with bp.. lets see and i also sometimes moisturize.. well ANYWAY thats what i do right now... i want to go on ACV because i have mad red marks as u guys may have seen in the p
  7. [attachmentid=5473]lol how does slapping your face help clear ur redness? gimme the thread so i can read it. ACV is it okay if i use it while also using BP, i use a bp wash ( brevoxyl) to wash twice daily and i got duac topical gel which is 5 % bp, i use to put on every night. and i also use dalacin t ( 1% clindamycin) which i use sometimes throughout the day and my acne actually went away but its this redness that really bothers me and i really hope acv actually works with my reddddd face with
  8. Anything But accutane? id be more than happy to take it but my parents...................... are disapproving... all i want to do is get rid of the redness , and im fine
  9. heres a bad quality from my cell that i just took its the redness that i want to get rid of really, i dont give a damn about the scars the redness is the only thing that really annoys me and i want to get rid of it... any suggestions
  10. oh and the acne is gone its just the scars that are there now real ugly red marks, no white heads or anything trust me. if i could i would upload a pic but my cam aint workin and i cant use my cell to put it on pc
  11. [attachmentid=5449] zoom into this picture and tell me what u guys think i should do, currently im using brevoxyl 4 % bp, duac RX every night, and dalacin T clindmyicin 1% like 3 times a day and antibiotics twice daily my doctor recommened accutane but my parents dont approve and i dont think i should neither cuz i want to have babies in teh future
  12. 2hard2pwn