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  1. odly enough, I've had the same timeline as you... I'm into month 4 now and I am clear...we'll see what happens.
  2. I use BP in the morning, and Differin at night, the regimen my derm gave me. She also told me after 3 months I'd be clear, which led me to ask the question "even the redmarks will be gone?" She said yes. While I knew that obviously wasn't the case, 3 months have passed today, and I have 1-2 pimples, but tons of redmarks. Seeing as how BP prolongs redmarks, I'm considering taking BP out of the regimen. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.
  3. Alright, all sounds quite challenging . Thanks alot for the help, I'll look into it .
  4. Thank you, when I say I have redmarks though, I mean like mass amounts of redmarks, still just green concealer?
  5. Well, differin + BP has pretty much cleared me of active acne, but I'm left with tons of redmarks. Redmarks, from what I understand, are very easily concealable by makeup, so even though I'm a guy...I'm considering taking the plunge. Before I do, I have alot of questions I'd like answered : Do you think other people will notice I'm wearing cover-up? How can I make sure I get the right shade? What are your thoughts on guys wearing cover-up? What products would you recommend? Thanks guys.
  6. hmmm i dunno if i should do this or not. im pretty much clear using BP in the morning and Differin at night but got some redmarks... how would i incorporate Aloe Vera into my regimen efficiently without ruining the effects of BP/Differin?
  7. yup me 2, battling with the redmarks and i hate to say its a battle i think im losing . the bp during the day is slowing hte healing like mad.
  8. If you've used it over a month go ahead and vote.
  9. I find it very annoying that scientists are looking for a cure for cancer, aids etc. and not investing nearly as much money in acne research. While that seems horrible when you first read it, think about it. If we found a cure to aids and cancer (two of the main causes of human death) our population would shoot up to about 30 billion in less than 10 years. We would then all go to war and start fighting over water, oil etc. And ultimately suffer worse results than aids and cancer combined. Findi
  10. I like apple pie and raspberry flavoured water combo regimen? Discuss.
  11. Interesting...did u use anything on ur skin when you stopped using the differin? Like benzoyl peroxide cause I'd wanna continue using that if I follow your advice.
  12. After you pop a zit, do you have like a black scab-type thing? Just like a small black piece of skin? I do and I dunno why .
  13. Congrats bud, I'm on month 2, we'll see what haps good to hear though.