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  1. Egg whites are fine for me. If you feel bad or "off" after eating them, then they aren't good for you. Otherwise, go for it.
  2. Hey, I wouldn't recommend cold drinks if you have a stomach ache. You should only drink warm/room temperature liquids. Cold drinks can really shock the stomach. Go easy on any kind of sugar, too. I don't know whether that ginger ale is sugary or not...
  3. I beg to differ. It can be only 1-2 days for me (small whiteheads) and 4-7 days for something more (but I usually feel it coming on within a day). I've verified this over the years. And it's not an allergic response, and definitely not from steroids. That's not to say that it CAN takes week to form, but many people have experienced it being much quicker. What dermatologists don't know about acne is a lot. Marcel: Yes, you can help to unblock it which should reduce the severity of the breakout
  4. I still don't believe it guys. If I eat something sugary, parts of my face feel tingly within a few hours, and I break out within two days. Period. Dermatalogists and academics don't even know why people get acne, so why should anything they say about this be believed automatically?
  5. Are you male or female? I'm 6'1" and weigh 172 pounds (I'm a guy). If you start eating hemp protein and organic eggs, and start working out, you should gain quality muscle weight really fast. But it'll take a few months of consistent exercise, depending on how bad the candida is, since candida can seriously stop you from gaining weight). It's good that you're avoiding grains and sugar, too, my face didn't start to clear up until I did that, and I suspect that I used to have a mild candida issue.
  6. i used to use the proactiv refining mask, which contains sulfur. it works pretty well. also plexion is pretty good. i haven't used it but my brother did. it's prescription only though. What seems to be controling hyperkeratinization for me is : high quality food based multi-vitamin, food based B-vitamin complex, and avoiding all grains and sugars. Protein doesn't cause keratin buildup, it's an insulin/blood sugar related thing.
  7. Would you be willing to eat eggs? I'm 20 years old, and I've been vegetarian since I was 13. I even went a couple years vegan, and believe it or not, I even tried 8 months eating only raw vegan (that was quite an experience, I did that hoping it would help with my acne, which it did at first because I was eating only low-glyciemic foods). Now I eat raw dairy and pasture-raised eggs and I'm finally clearing up for the first time since I was 13. I quit eating ALL grains and beans and ALL sugar e
  8. Eggs are a really healthy food if you get them fresh from pasture raised chickens. I get mine at local Farmer's Markets or neighbors who have chickens. "Pasture-raised" means they actually eat their natural diet because they spend most of their time in the grass and shrubs, eating what chickens are supposed to eat and getting lots of sunlight. Even the organic "free-roaming" or "cage-free" eggs from the stores are no good compared to pastured ones. Pastured eggs have lots of omega-3, way more
  9. No offense man, but laughing and cussing at people just makes you look like an ass. Did you even read my post? I said I eat vegetables, eggs, raw dairy (I also eat nuts like almonds, which I forgot to mention). Do you know how many calories are in cheese alone? A lot. I workout regularly and haven't had any problem keeping weight, infact I'm gaining even more muscle eating like this. And I never said anything about hating this kind of food. I like it more than eating a piece of cake and feeling
  10. I've been eating hemp protein regularly for 1 year. Nothing did more to increase my workout gains. In my opinion it's the ultimate fitness supplement. I personally eat it in the form of "Vega", which is a Canadian vegan protein blend that's kind of expensive. But regular hemp protein powder and seeds are almost just as good. It's relatively alkaline, unlike whey (or even worse... soy protein), so your body utilizes it much better than other protein powders. Acidic protein still builds muscle,
  11. While not 100% accurate it's close enough. Just remember to make sure your getting enough vitamins and minerals and antioxidants from somewhere if your avoiding all fruit and some veg!
  12. Oh yeah, I eat almonds (preferably soaked in water overnight, makes em' more digestible) and almond butter with celery sticks (good stuff). I don't eat soy regulaly anymore, I'm pretty convinced that eating soy on a regular basis is bad news. No traditional culture eats as much soy as the average Western vegetarian. A little tofu once every couple weeks if I'm at a restaurant, but that's it. I completely avoid any of the veggie burger (isolated soy protein, textured "vegetable" protein) garbage
  13. Just out of curiosity have you tried to consume for 3-4 days a no-sugar diet with 30 grams of whole millet or 30 grams of lentils? Or 3-4 days a no-sugar diet with 2-3 pieces of fruits?
  14. I'm vegetarian and doing a modified version of Paleo (obviously). My main protein sources are pasture-raised eggs, raw milk cheese, and hemp protein. I don't personally notice a problem with cheese. For ages I thought it caused me to break out, but now I know it was the cheese+grain combination that was doing it (grain is bad, but cheese+grain is even worse for me). I do, however, digest goats milk/cheese a little better than cow. Look for Emmenthaler (real Swiss) raw cheese, most big stores
  15. I quit eating sugars and grains except for one piece of fruit per day, and within 4 days I saw a drastic difference. I'm vegetarian, so I'm not doing strict paleo, but I'm eating eggs, RAW MILK goat cheese (raw cow cheese is ok for me too, maybe not for other people), vegetables and nuts. I also take a tablespoon of powdered wheatgrass in the morning with water, which helps you get quick results on this diet. (See my thread "Almost clear")
  16. Right on KarateKid. I've been on what I'd call a modified vegetarian version of paleo (no meat, but eggs and raw milk/cheese), with absolutely no sugar (or grains) except for one piece of fruit per day (unless I'm working out), and within 3 days my acne almost completely flattened out, and the redness is going away fast. And I had it bad, too. Definitely not mild acne. I'm 20, and I've had acne since I was 13. This is the only thing that's made much of a difference. Before I did this I had one
  17. I've completely stopped eating grains, sugar and starchy food and now I'm clearing up for the first time in 7 years. I don't know what else to say. I think maybe grains are alright in the soaked/sprouted form once people have their inflammatory conditions under control.
  18. Don't eat ANY grains or sugars from now until the TV show, it'll most likely help a lot with the inflammation. Get some powdered wheatgrass too, I've always used that stuff in a pinch because it helps reduce redness and inflammation.
  19. Man, I almost forgot: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS. I use Enzymedica brand "Digest Gold" enzymes and these have helped a ton with my digestion over the past few months. They didn't help my acne a lot, but they stopped the griping pains I used to get sometimes/often after eating. I think they helped me to not break out as much, but I was still breaking out a lot until I changed my diet like I mentioned above. And at the same time that I changed my diet, I started taking a ton of probiotics.