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  1. 1 year later.... I no longer suffer from acne! I only get perhabs 1 pimple at most, when my period is closing in. My hyperpigmentation is gone! I stil have a few marks, but they are almost invisible by now. Everyone is asking me how I did it, and I simply tell them about this regimen. It works awesomely! Good Luck everyone!!
  2. Fourth Month My skin is clear, and only gets oily in the evenings. I have made changes in my regimen, that I thought you should know: 1. I wash my face every evening, unless I don't feel like it. 2. I workout for at least 15 min every day. Try to run 3-5 k every other day. 3. I don't use any mousterizer, cleanser or toner. 4. Scrub with honey and cinnamon once a week. 5. Baking Powder mask once a week. 6. Only eye makeup - which I use olive oil to remove 7. Drink at least 1 mu
  3. I'm happy to share my progress! If it helps others it's even better :-D I guess that in the start it's always hard to see the progress move two steps forward and then one step backward. It's hard, but once that's over, it only gets better. At the moment I (at maximum) get 2-3 pimples a month, which is a huge improvement. When having a new breakout every week was my starting point. I still try to watch my diet, and therefore avoid chips, popcorn, sugary stuff and fried foods. I have also
  4. Hey! Everybody have to find, what works for them. For me it is a modified caveman regimen that works. It's fun, I was actually thinking about that this morning. I'm thinking about using makeup again, but then it will be mineral powder, and I will probably wash and scrub my face afterwards to get all residue of my face. At the moment I am only using mascara, and I use olive oil to remove that. Many others say that olive oil is a great makeup remover, so perhaps I should try that.
  5. I have now been on this regimen for 3 months now. It works perfectly! My skin is healing itself. I only experience a pimple or two up to my period. That's it. All my scars are healing, most are already gone. My friends have begun to ask me, what my secret is! They all know how bad my acne was, so seeing my skin clear is like a testimony. I'm so happy and much more confident. I no longer fear getting close to people. I no longer avoid people touching my face. Even better I'm no longer paranoi
  6. Week 5 Dare I say it? Clear skin! It's true. The last 4-5 days I have had clear skin. It's amazing! But I must admit that I am still studying my face at times, in order to make sure that new pimples aren't popping up. My complexion is evening out nicely, but it will still take some time - probably 2-3 months - before my complexion is even. But I am sure that as long as I keep up my regimen, I will continue to see progress. Good Luck & So Long!
  7. I also used BP once, and I agree. It didn't really do anything for me except for irritating my skin. At that time I actually thought that the irritation meant that it worked, but I was wrong. It only made it worse. That's why I decided to try the caveman, though with my own personal touch. It takes some getting used to, but after that it's definitely worth it. I think that stopping the use of BP was a very wise choice. I'm hoping the best for your two boys! Good Luck!
  8. Day 29 I washed my face today, so my skin is a little dryer than normal. Everything else is going great. Only got 2 pimples this week and they were gone within 2 days. Some days ago I did try some fun method to get blackheads and these little dried up pimples - those who look healed, but there is still some 'dried' pus in them - out. After opening my pores with steam, I massaged my face after that I began to focus on the problem areas. After a few minutes I steamed again, before starting t
  9. Thank you so much! I genuinely appreciate your well wishes.
  10. Day 22 After 3 weeks on this regimen I must admit that it's great. My skin is much clearer, some days all clear. My acne scars are healing faster than ever and my confidence is growing every day. I have changed a lot of things. It started with a wash every third day, then every second day and now? Twice a week... At most. I still scrub everytime I wash my face. I wash with warm water, scrub and then wash with cold water to close my pores again. I know that three weeks isn't a long time, a
  11. Day 20 My skin on the left side of my face is clear and smooth, but on the right side 1 pimple. I think that it is from my hair, when it ends up in my face. I have tried to wear my hair up and away from my from my face and it's working wonders. My sister even told me that my skin looked much better and the complexion more even. It made me so happy to know, that others can see the positive changes in my skin. Good Luck & So Long!
  12. Day 18 The pimples after the breakout are gone now. They didn't leave any marks afterwards. My skin is clearing up again, which motivates me to continue the regimen. My Main focus will again be getting rid of acne scars. Good Luck & So Long!
  13. Day 14 Yesterday I experienced a breakout I woke up and had like 7-8 pimples. Some were quite small but two of them were so big, they couldn't go unnoticed. I almost broke down, everything was going so well and now... a new breakout. I started thinking, what did I eat? didn't I drink enough water? Is my hair dirty? Who touched my face? Is my pillowcase clean? Then I forced myself to relax and I remembered that I had heard of people, who experienced breakouts while doing the caveman. I wen
  14. Day 12 Nothing extraordinary about the scaring. My skin feels smooth now and I have only 1-2 pimples at a time. No comedones and oily skin is no longer a problem. My plan was to wash my face today, but I think that I'll wait - perhaps until Saturday or Sunday. I don't experience flaking anymore, so I'll wait a little longer and push the wash a little further (like a caveman! ^^ ) Good Luck & So Long!
  15. Well, I really like Milk and I normally drink it in the mornings, but I will try a week without dairy from monday. Then I'll know for sure. and afterwards I'll try to get organic raw cow milk. Thanks for the advice.