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  1. not sure bout the clearasil one, but its weird you could't find anything with BP alot of people use OXY 'on the spot' or QUINODERM cream, which should both be pretty easy to find in boots. try looking for these, or you could try www.pharmacy2u.co.uk they are always pretty quick. Then again Dan's BP looks pretty good so maybe order some and try find OXY in shops until it arrives. Hope this helps.
  2. hey exotik11, what brand of B5 have you been using? I found the first brand I tried did nothing, so maybe try switching.
  3. Hey since I started on it 3 months ago, B5 has totally cleared the skin on my face, but I've been getting bad acne on my chest constantly which I never had before taking B5. has anyone else had a similar problem or have any ideas on this, maybe its coincidence as it seems strange that it would make one part of my skin better and another worse, but like I said I can't remember this being a problem before B5. any ideas would be welcome. Thanks everybody. Jon
  4. Thats cool, I wasnt sure about the BP scrub thing, so after reading what you said I'll just try the soap. Thanks alot for the help Gaz. Jon
  5. Hey I noticed a few people suggested this, and i'd like to try it out, but I don't know whether to order the lotion, the soap or the moisturizer, or all three. I only really get acne on my chest and back, so if anyone has any experience/advice with these products it'd be really helpfull. thanks alot everybody. Jon
  6. thanks for the replies Hey Craig, I ordered Rosemarys health foods own brand B5, is that the one you meant? thanks for your help man.
  7. Hey, Has anyone had any success with B5 and body acne? I've been on B5 just over a month and its pretty much cleared my face but not really done much on my body. I was wondering if anyone had found this took longer or had a similar experience. thanks alot.
  8. Hey, Has anybody in the UK had any success with B5(pantothenic acid) from Holland and Barrett? I noticed people on the board have been talking about how some brands of B5 don't work so well, and since I just started I thought i'd better check. thanks.
  9. Has anyone in the uk had any success with b5? and if so, where can you get it over here. I found it at holland and barret but only in 200mg capsules which is less than everyone seems to recommend. any help on this would be great. thanks
  10. Thanks alot for the advice everyone hey viper I don't remember it drying my skin that bad since I started using it, but if you haven't used benzoyl peroxide before it could just be that your skin needs to get used to it. Benzamycin works really, really well for me though so i'd say its worth trying. good luck.
  11. I'm on Benzamycin which works great on my face, but I get acne on my body (mainly round the back of my neck) and was thinking of asking for oral anti biotics. anyone have any suggestions? thanks
  12. I keep getting spots where my hair gel touches my skin, has anyone else had this problem and know any hair gels that cause no irritation. Thanks