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I'm 23, an actor and a singer and dancer. I'm trying to find a way to obtain clearer skin, since it will boost my confidence. I don't want to invest in the professional head shots I need to further my career until I'm happy with my skin (photoshop can only do so much, and I know that I won't deliver those beautiful photos until I believe in myself). I would like to obtain perfection, but I know that perfection is boring and unlikely. Trying to be happy and healthy in the skin I'm in.

I had clear skin until college, and so this has been a new journey for me in self-acceptance and learning to care for my skin. I've tried everything from lemon juice (pretty much useless, and ouch...why would I ever, ever think that would work) to Amway's Clear.now system (also pretty much useless, although I think it helped for a while). My skin's been getting worse, and with it my confidence, anxiety and depression, so I've finally taken steps to go to a dermatologist.

Things are currently under control.