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  1. NO NO NO. Accutane shouldn't be prescribed lightly - it should be a last resort. She's a teenage girl, for one thing, her acne is likely hormonal and will either regulate itself as she passes through puberty into her twenties, or it will continue as a part of her menstrual cycle. From what it sounds like, she hasn't tried enough other treatments and her acne isn't severe enough to the point where it makes sense to poison her body with Vitamin A (that's essentially what Accutane is).
  2. People need to stop being totally afraid of certain ingredients, particularly Cetearyl Alcohol and Sodium Chloride, as long as they aren't the first ones on the list, I would still try to avoid SLS. Honestly, the most success I ever had with my skin during my acne struggle was using brands like PanOxyl and CeraVe hydrating cleanser (I have sensitive, dry, skin, prone to inflammatory acne). I tried the "organic" stuff for along time, like neem and tea trea oil- and while it might be fine fo
  3. Hey guys - totally still using micellar water. The only drawback is that it's not enough to remove heavy stage makeup, so for about a month during the run of my last show, my skin sort of suffered, but Simple is still working for me! I've also gotten pretty lazy about my skin...so...
  4. Well, If you work out in the morning you should just wait to wash your face till you clean up after your workout. Then, if you work out again (which I'm impressed by) - use a gentle no-water makeup remover to remove your makeup, apply SPF if in the sun, and then do your full cleansing routine afterwards again, which is hopefully close enough to bedtime that you're not applying a full-face full of makeup afterwards. I hope this makes sense. You don't necessarily need to wash your face before
  5. Will this still work given what you see in the pic? Not to mention it seems like the two cysts right next to each other are joining forces. Neither pimples do hurt, nor is it super hard. Just purple/red and elevated I hadn't looked at the picture but I just did. If they aren't hurting or hard, then they aren't cysts. They don't look like cysts to me, just inflamed pimples. you would do well to be applying the topicals prescribed by your derm as directed.
  6. I second the above post. Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Creamy wash followed by Clindamycin in the am, and then using differin at night following a gentle cleanser helped clear my skin. I recognize everyone's different, and my situation is different from yours - no Accutane ever. Have you ever been on birth control for acne?
  7. When I got cysts I would boil some water and sea salt, let it cool to comfortably warm - you don't want to burn yourself - and soak a cotton ball or clean washcloth in the solution, then apply it as a compress to the cyst area for several minutes, resoaking or replacing the cotton ball when it cooled. I'd do this every few hours to help draw it out and speed blood cells to the area to heal it. You could alternate this heat with ice if you wanted if it hurts and is really inflamed. You want to
  8. Hi guys, it's been a while, but I wanted to share my experience using Simple's Micellar Water to "wash" my face and my mostly-complete departure from acne products and traditional face washing using tap water. Basically, micellar water was developed in Paris because the harsh tap water in Paris was affecting people's skin, and we all know how serious the French are about skincare. It's been around for years and years. http://www.simpleskincare.com/our-products/product/micellar-cleansing-water.
  9. Powder products have a longer shelf life. The only reason I would consider tossing them sooner is if they oxidize (start turning orange). Stuff that goes tightly around your eyes should be replaced every two months or so (like your mascara, eyeliner). I don't do this but I should.
  10. Most mineral makeup, if not all, relies on zinc and titanium oxides... you might be better off using a regular foundation, or try to find one that only uses one of those to see if it is the zinc oxide or the titanium oxide giving you trouble.
  11. Why would I want to put corn starch on my face? also I think if I put cinnamon or cocoa powder I would look like I was attempting to perform in "blackface". No thanks, I'll pass!
  12. I believe it is an injection and it supposedly lasts several years, so I bet a lot of men would take it (my boyfriend included since he is in grad school and can't be saddled with a kiddo right now).
  13. When the FDA approves male birth control, I will consider this article. Until then I'd rather live with blinders on. =( Condoms suck.
  14. What are you on now? Yaz? How long did Junel Fe take to clear you or at least start to clear? Thanks for the reply((: I am on Yaz right now. I should switch to the generic because my insurance will not cover Yaz and I am therefore paying full price, but I am scared that I will experience negative side effects from a lower-quality, non-patented filler/binder, even if the hormones are the same. Junel I went on more so for my painful periods and birth control purposes but at the time I wen