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  1. hi mar! you havent been on for a long time. how are you? :)

  2. Kanmi I wish I could tell U my life story but you are too far away, too bad. Are U really adopted or was that a joke? You can PM me with pics and may I suggest a treatment plan??? You can beet this and fix it sooner or later. Do you go to school or have a job? You need a job to begin to fix it. I feel for U as I was there once..... Keep strong and move forward anyways, because you need the money to fix these scars to what is accaptable to U. U may not have baby skin after, but you will feel alo
  3. Sponges hold alot of bacteria please beware!
  4. When I get very little sleep my skin looks awful - like big pores and stuff and quite pale now glow!. When I get 6 or more hours I have healthy looking skin, tight pores, and it never affected the breakouts with little sleep, just the oils and appearance overall. I do believe people who sleep very little will break out more, but really it is your genes. So being said clear people with no sleep = clear but ruddy skin People with acne will break out anyway sleep or not = too little sleep may make
  5. yeah me I dont like shadowed lights, like potlights.. I shouldn't feel that way and need to get over it I'm hoping it will go away in the future!!
  6. You seem to have very large pores so from an in-expert" but been there done it, I don't think excision is correct for you. Try a laser clinic and see what they have to say...........keep in touch!!!! Let us know!
  7. I doubt that !!! People on his reginen do well! It's just just if you want to go stonger this is it..............but I would altenate days with Dans stuff if I were you!!!
  8. Alot of derm are dumb........all I can say from ecperience
  9. Are U from Canada by chance...........??
  10. Steam them and yes if you can tolerate it drink the juice the above gal said....... Also in a lettuce salad: grated carrots never hurt, nor does fresh broccoli cut up! Good luck!