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  1. I would get your sister to go and see the doctor as it maybe caused due to a number of different reasons and she may get referred to a dermatologist if needed.
  2. Hey Everyone So here is my update! I went for the test and it came back negative for Ceoliac which is such good news but the doctor said that as some of you have mentioned that just because you get a negative test does not mean you are not intolerant. So I went completely gluten free as not drinking milk seemed to not be making any difference at this point and also stopped the antibiotics. Week 1 – Skin started to clear up no new spots appearing. Week 2 – Redness started to calm d
  3. Around 8 months ago at the age of 35 I started getting really bad acne including cysts around my jaw, chin and on my neck. I went to the doctor who put me on Oxytetracycline which made no difference. I had started increasing my milk intake from around a spash in a cup of tea or coffee to drinking around 1-2 pints a day as my personal trainer said I needed to get more calcium in my diet. When the antibiotics failed to work I googled milk / Adult acne and found lots of forums about it c