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  1. I've had pretty moderate acne since i was 13. im nearly 21 now. For years i was searching these boards trying all the fads that came through, from mandelic acid, vitamin b5 to blue light therapy. I went back to the basics and the basics helped above all things. I use benzac 5% wash moring and nite. wait 10mins then apply benzac 5% cream, then put on duac (BP and clindamycin) to areas where i have a pimple or think theres ones coming up. Thats it! at the start my skin become a little dry so
  2. White spots on ones findernails are caused by a zinc deficiency. People with a zinc deficiency may also have dry flakey skin and be prone to catching colds. I have acne and no white spots on my skin. I dont think theres a big correlation.
  3. Classic Clean is called 'Clean and Pure' in Australia for all those wanting to buy in aus.
  4. Ive been using phisohex (triclosan) for my acne for about a year now. Its the best product ive used. The other day tho i was breaking out and put an undiluted layer of phisohex on my face and left it there for awhile. My face started buring and pulsating and i washed it off. My face was as red as a tomato for an hour or so but the next day my face started to peel and afte a week i had no pimples. The phisohex had nuked my face of all bacteria. It's pretty extreme but it worked.
  5. I had trouble recieving my dermastyle too. I e-mailed them and they sent a another and i got it in a week (internationally). I love the pen tho. It works really good. I dont get breakouts like i used to. To the guy who made the comment about lumiport.com looking the same as dermastyle.com - it's because dermastyle is a product made my lumiport.
  6. Research suggests Light Therapy doesn't work for 10% of people. Maybe you're in the 10%. I highly doubt light therapy can make your acne worse, so I would encourage you to keep trying it. As to your technique, it sounds okay. When I touch the light to my skin I always clean it off with the wipey pretty frequently. I recieved my pen yesturday and love it. I havn't got any white heads at the moment but alot of raised inflammed areas. After putting the red and blue light of each spot for a fe