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  1. Alright so I was just wondering if any of you ladies have used either the Beauty Blender or Sephora brand solid brush cleanser? I find it a bit of a chore cleaning makeup brushes so I just wanted to try something that would speed it up a bit and thought that one of these would be a good option. I'm concerned about it potentially leaving residue on my brushes though and causing possible break outs? The one ingredient in both of these cleansers I'm mainly concerned about though would be the coc
  2. This concealer is extremely oil based, not that all oils are comedogenic, the oil in this though (lanolin) I think is. Comedogenic-ness aside I wouldn't try this concealer out on blemishes solely because I find it to have a slightly luminous finish... not a very good look having shiny acne spots lol. With that being said I love using this as an under eye concealer though :3 I find the coverage to be as good as MUFE Full Cover concealer except it looks more natural and blends much easier and is
  3. OK so just to update for anyone interested it's been 16 days for me now without taking any birth control and surprisingly enough my skin is about the same lol. I really expected it to break out more from stopping it like this but it didn't, this just sort of assures my suspicion that my acne is not really hormonal at all or at least very much so I'm unsure as to whether discontinuing taking birth control entirely would help with my acne or not. Regardless, I'm probably going to go back on it a
  4. OK so unfortunately I was rather busy around the period of time that I should have went in to see a doctor and get a refill on my birth control so long story short, by the time I would have been able to do so I would have missed taking it for 4 days (the start of a new pack, after the placebo week) so I decided that that would be a bit too much for me to try to catch up on so I'm giving my body a one months break from taking birth control. This is the first time I've done this before, I was tak
  5. Hi, so first of all I just wanted to say kudos to acne.org for creating this thread, I haven't noticed it until just now so I'm guessing it must be new but being a long time skin picker myself I'm very happy that they've made this thread a thing lol. So anyways, I was curious as to whether any of my fellow skin pickers out there may suffer from other anxiety disorders as well? It seems like it would be a logical assumption to make that there may be some correlation between the two and I'd lik
  6. I just started taking Wellbutrin a while ago and noticed that my acne is getting worse again now . I'm going to discontinue taking it for this reason... that and it suppresses my appetite too much and kind of gross but I've also noticed it causes me to sweat more than usual as well aha. Lithium also worsened my acne when I tried taking it in the past, it has acne listed as a side effect for it though, I don't think Wellbutrin does but upon looking it up online I've noticed a lot of people sayi
  7. I'm hoping that I'm putting this in the right thread here but I need some help with healing a couple of open sores that I have ATM. Pretty much I've come to accept the fact that I have a problem with picking/popping things on my face and I tend to do it more when I'm under stress. I've been under more stress as of late so long story short I was stupid and picked a couple sores on my face lol. To avoid me picking at these more for the next couple of days (having these come to gross, crusty sca
  8. Don't have a profile picture of myself up here and I'm not too big on taking selfies in general but yeah... why would anyone want to post a picture of themselves that they look poorly in? For me my acne isn't severe, it's more moderate but it's definitely very persistent and I have a problem with picking at my skin which makes it look/seem a lot worse to me... trying to work on cutting back on the popping/picking. But yeah, I'm a girl so I can testify that makeup really can do wonders for cove
  9. Hi, I agree with you on this one, I use Cetaphil at night time to remove my makeup before washing my face but if I use it on its own it just doesn't feel like it does a good enough job at cleansing for some reason. I'm currently using Cliniderm's Gentle Cleanser and it's been working well for me, it's soap, fragrance, and irritant free (completely non-comedogenic) and is recommended for dry or sensitive/allergic reactive skin so I'd definitely recommend it. I live in Canada and they sell it at
  10. Just a heads up as good as the MUFE HD powder is I wouldn't recommend it if there's a chance you might be around flash photography as it will show up on you in pictures but yeah, a translucent powder like that does look a lot less obvious than using regular powder.
  11. So I just checked and the only eyeshadows I owned with expiration dates listed on them said 36M. Do you think it would be alright for me to assume it's alright to keep them for 3-4 years then? Can't tell if that would be sort of gross or not aha I've never had any of my eyeshadows change consistency or smell or anything on me over time so idk.
  12. Hi, so I was just curious as to how long you guys keep your makeup for before tossing it. I'm thinking products like foundation, BB cream, powder, powder blush, cream blush, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadows and mascara. I don't have too large a makeup collection or anything but I'm still trying to declutter it a bit and even though I know things like foundation, BB cream, and mascara (mascara especially) should be replaced frequently I really have no clue what the shelf
  13. Hi, so I'm currently in the process of decluttering some of my makeup and skin care products that I don't use anymore and I stumbled upon some Proactiv toner I have that has no expiration date on it. I threw away all of my leftover Proactiv benzoyl peroxide from a few years ago as it was expired and therefore wouldn't be as effective but yeah... I have no clue what the expiration date on the toner is. Any of you guys know how long it can keep for approximately?
  14. SamB


    Nope, didn't irritate my skin at all, it really does accentuate any flakiness you may have going on from the BP though sadly so for me it's pretty essential that I exfoliate my skin well as I wear makeup whenever I go out, I've been using the AHA+ mixed in with moisturizer half, half for this every night and it's going well for me. Like the BP you really have to start off slow with the AHA though so I started off with a lot less of it initially. Oh and actually I do remember resorting to usi
  15. Thanks nah you did a good job at answering my question lol. I could just be being a bit impatient as I've only been on the regimen for... 3 months now? So yeah, hopefully I'll start seeing fewer blackheads soon if I just stick to it. Not gonna lie, about once a week I seem to be skipping the regimen once at night so I'm starting to think that could be contributing? Like you said the best treatment for acne is prevention so that seems to be the only reason I could come up with for them coming