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  1. i did a series of 6 and it didn't do a darn thing for my indented scars, only made my hyperpigmented brown marks less brown and made my skin feel smoother to the touch. But even that smooth feeling didn't last very long. A month after completing the 6 sessions my skin pretty much went back to where it was before except there were less brown marks.
  2. I use Frownies on the lines between my eyes. I wear them overnight and the next morning when I wake up the furrows look much relaxed. I recommend you try it.
  3. not on your list but I'm finding camellia oil pretty good, better than emu oil. It's not 3 months yet but it seems to be making a very slight improvement on my old scars (indented). It gives me the right amount of hydration and makes my skin feel and look nice.
  4. I started using it 4 weeks ago and am loving it so far. No breakouts and doesn't feel oily, and its improving skin my complexion. I had some blackheads that I couldn't get rid of and I think the oil made them pop out. I like it much better than the emu oil I used before (Dremu oil was the one).
  5. I very much doubt it, possible only if your scars are very shallow.
  6. I can't see those "holes" either. But after looking hard for some time, I think I know what she was referring to. Those are not really holes. Those two slightly depressed areas above her eye brows are the natural shape of her forehead. I've seen tons of people with a forehead like that - it's not all full and round. I don't think there is anthing you can do about that, except to get a plastic surgeon to restrcture it.
  7. Retin-A helps with my breakout and blemish marks. I have not seen any effect for my crater type scars.
  8. I've used Dremu oil for 6 months and it didn't do a darn thing for my scars, only made my skin look better in the sense that it's more moisturized.