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  1. you're only pretty as you feel only pretty as you feel inside you're only pretty as you feel just as pretty as you feel inside when you wake up in the morning rub some sleep from your eye look inside your mirror comb your hair don't give vanity a second chance no no no beauty's only skin deep it goes just so far 'cause you're only pretty as you feel you're only pretty as you feel inside just as pretty as you feel inside now you're feelin' pretty now you're feelin' good now you're ready to fac
  2. this is a silly cd review on Amazon: Music to feel crappy to, October 15, 2005 Reviewer: Christopher Schneider "scibookguy" (New Jersey) - See all my reviews Your wife just left you for another species. Your greyhound has contracted STD's from your neighbor's poodle. The state government has cordoned off your house to investigate the greatest outpouring of radon ever detected by by the EPA. The doctor tells you that he doesn't know what the hell it is, but its important enough to name it
  3. what are some good stress relieving tips? i heard it affects pimples!
  4. well, a silly thing happned today. i was walking with this woman and she saw a man with dark skin. she called him african american, like some people do. he was actually from the domincan republic.
  5. so is it best if i wash my face with warm water, then cold water. also, what's luke-warm water?
  6. I read that drinking 8 to 12 cups a water every day is healthy for the body. Does cups mean the actual unit of measurement used in cooking or the size of the cup? Does it depend on the size of the "cup", as in drinking object, or the cups that are used for putting hot water in oatmeal?
  7. okay, i have whole flaxseeds and grounded flaxseeds. i heard that when you eat the whole ones, you don't get any nutrients. So which kind is better?