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  1. Thanks for the reply I will definitely see my GP soon, I'm not sure if he will be able to do anything by way or hormones as we intend to try for another baby soon. Who would have thought I'd be dealing with this shit at 34?
  2. Ok, I have been on and off Dianette since I was about 16. I am now approaching 35 and my Doc says I need to stop taking it because of my age. When I am on Dianette, I have clear skin. When I am off it, the upper half of my body but especially my face are covered in huge cysts and nodules. If one comes up on my forehead for example, about half of my forehead swells up. So I have been reading the info with the Dianette and it mentions androgens, this may be my problem. When I am off it (apart
  3. I know the neosporin is antiseptic in nature but maybe you need to leave it alone and dry it up, as it is in a thick ointment and may be giving it moisture. I use this to dry up scabs, i wash the area every hour or so, it is very very drying on me. The scab quickly dries up and comes off. http://www.clinique.co.uk/templates/produc...UCT_ID=PROD1134
  4. I am watching an infommercial for Sheer Cover right now and it looks great, the only thing against it is that they actually say it contains MICA. This is a no-no for acne sufferers, right?
  5. That looks like the thing I had on my nose last month
  6. I have the eye cream and it is OK as a general moisturiser for the area, but it has not reduced and winkles and not taken away and dark circled, which it said it would.
  7. That wasn't very constructive was it? It bothers him, and he is asking for help. I have the same sort of scars and unfortunately I am looking for the same answers.
  8. I am so sorry you had to go through all that, and I am so happy that you found your answer. Thank you so much for sharing your positive story
  9. I was recently tested and was told I have an intollerance to MSG, tartrazine, pork/beef. I am trying to just stick to chicken and have cut out all sweets and soft drinks, so that gets rid of sugar and food colourings. I am carefylly studying labels for MSG (sometimes also called flavour enhancer) and I have not had any takeaway food since my last bigegst breakout. My skin is still not perfect and I have had lumps and bumps hear and there, but my overall complexion looks a bit clearer.
  10. Lalason


    My acne started at 13 and I didn't have sex until 17, so I don't see a link there. besides, i would have thought sex was good for your skin as it is a work-out and keeps you happy and stress free?
  11. I am on it and i did see a vast improvement, but in the last 6 neeks or so I have been a mess again
  12. Me too. I had a cyst on my head which I left alone, it was going down nicely and then another one came up right beside it. It is pushing the old one to the surface. I then squeezed the old one as I saw a teeny white head on it, and that is all that came out. About a 1mm size bit of white, followed by a little bit of blood. The old cyst is now bigger and redder than ever, and the one beside it is coming up.
  13. I have no experience with it but found this http://www.tazorac.com/faq.asp
  14. My cyst was burst 2 weeks ago today and I still have a scar (boxcar shape). It is dark red skin and looks different in texture so I hope it is still healing. i need something to pull it all tight together and to bring it up to the level of the skin around it. Any ideas? So far have tried neosporin, scar therapy sheets, witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree, and nothing at all!