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  1. Vaseline 24/7. Keep it moist always. Hello, 1 DOnt get exposure to sunlight otherwise it WILL STAY FOREVER, use SPF if sunlight is un-avoidable 2 Massage twice a day with vitamin E oil 3. WAIT FOR ATLEAST 5 MONTHS THEN ONLY IT WILL GET BACK NORMAL TO YOUR SKIN COLOR. Regards
  2. no, it wont scar, I consulted with two different Skin specialists and both said that it wont scar and it will take time around one month to scar to go away, they said to use sunscreen whenever I go outside. Thanks for support.
  3. thanks a lot for replying, The darker bit has come off but now there is dark marks on the skin after peeling of skin and exposure of pinkish skin, this is new skin which came up , this is the image *after the dark peels came from skin*, (Because of that wound mark I used garlic paste on it ( my bad) http://i.imgur.com/GdxKzbe.jpg
  4. Hello, 12 days ago, I applied raw garlic on my forehead for 3 days ( once in a day) ( a size of cent area) and then it burned the skin and then in few days it peeled the skin and now there is dark patch at places where I applied garlic, As now the area has healed completely.I am very worried about the dark patch, question 1 - how long the dark patch will take to return to normal color? question 2 - what are home remedies I can do for removing that dark scar? THank you very much