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  1. Thanks so much. @CiCiBabyGirl I truly appreciate your help )
  2. And there it was this 5 lbs FedEx box filled with happiness and joy sitting at my door step at 1:47pm EST. I was so happy that it came. And of course I already ripped the box up to shreds lol #TeamWolveren and used the products already simple because I couldn't wait any longer. Pictures coming soon. P.S Acne.org step your game up. I've been uploading pictures and theirs something wrong with the server. Please fix that ASAP!
  3. @William8026 Thanks so much man. I'm so excited to use Axne.org again. And I'm an official member now, so I'm super happy about following the Acne.org community.
  4. Okay, so I purchased the "Big Kit+AHA 6oz" you know, for that extra "Boost". I'm overly excited for my kit to come in the mail in a couple of days. Now... many of you may not know me, but I'm a cheap'o. I say this because I spent $143.00 (rounded off price) So for me to have spent that much for the "Big Kit+AHA 6oz" and express shipping and handling you better know that Acne.org has to work! P.S Before and After photos coming soon!!!!
  5. Mary Blount

    My Acne Photos for December 2014

    In mid 2013 I used Acne.org, within 4 months my face was as clear as rain. My skin stayed acne free for a whole year. Once my stress came into play my acne started coming back. Now I've returned to Acne.org once more. This time I'll stay committed with Acne.org forever!
  6. Mary Blount

    Photo 1-L

    From the album: My Acne Photos for December 2014

    Left side of my face
  7. Mary Blount

    Photo 1-R

    From the album: My Acne Photos for December 2014

    Right side of my face