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  1. hi all! i am having problems checking out at dans store, and im running low on products! it keeps prompting me to sign in, but leads to nowhere when i do. i know i got my password right, so whats wrong? thanks in advance ps sorry if this the wrong forum to post this in, but im desperate!
  2. I was hoping for a little advice.... I just ordered and received two bottles of Dan's 16oz BP, and one of the bottle pumps was "up", and had a little bp spilling over the neck.... do you think its still usable(i.e. not contaminated)? Last time I received my bp, it was tightly sealed with cap and platic wrap, but not this time. Is this cause for concern?? Thanks! Mike
  3. haha well i guess i can live with my pale self for now...
  4. i'm in desperate need of a tan, but currently on the Regimen, full strength.... how long should i temporarily stop using bp before i go to the tanning salon? how long after my visit should i wait before applying bp? is this a bad idea, or has anyone had any success getting a tan while on the Regimen ? please share!!! thanks in advance mike
  5. ^ That's all I know, sorry. thanks anyways! you know it might just be that this new batch is still "fresh" and maybe it will eventually get a lot more watery and less stringent as time goes by, as for now the texture is VERY different, since i still have some of the old batch left to compare with... i guess only time will tell =)
  6. Can anyone (moderators/admin??) tell me when and why the inactive ingredients in Dan's bp has changed??? i just started using my new batch (which i ordered in April 07), and realized its A LOT thicker then my previous batch (ordered in 1/07). the thickness makes it more difficult to spread and (possibly as a result) my face turns red and stings. ive been on the reg. since July 2006, so i havent had any irritation for a while now. am i just getting adjusted to the new formula? or is anyone
  7. thanks =) i remember how i was always so encouraged everytime i saw a positive success story back when i was still broken out. on a couple occasions it actually kept me from calling it quits, which woulda been a huuuuuge mistake! glad i could help tho...
  8. my intentions in posting this is not to brag or boast, but to spread some positivity dan's regimen really works but you have to stick to the regimen EXACTLY! use only the products that Dan recommends, exactly the amount he tell you to, and in the same exact way he does..... i used DKR 4 years ago, cured my cystic acne, stopped DKR about a year and a half ago (thinking i was out of my acne phase), got BAD acne again, went back on DKR last year July, got clear in 3months, and have remained clear
  9. i just started to add JoJoba oil to my daily regimen, and it seems to be working out well... but i was curious... how many people are actually incorporating it to their regimen??? do you use it daily? once? twice? how do you apply it? (before bp, after bp, mixed with lotion etc...) thanks in advance for participating!
  10. im so glad this was encouraging for you, i guess cuz that was the main reason for me posting my looong story! lol and yes... it will probably take 2 months or so to get back to that clear state once again.... something i had to learn the hard way... BUT FEAR NOT! as long as you KNOW there is a light at the end of the tunnel, im sure you'll make it!!! =) and concerning the other posts, what i meant by discouraging is the frequent "im quitting the regimen" or "why isn't it working for me?
  11. aww.... im glad my post was enjoyed! =) i forgot to mention that currently i am still dealing with scars (hyperpigmentation), but trust me ppl, they do fade!!! it just seems to takes so damn long! lol.... i also forgot to add that i just started using JoJoba oil in my very dry zones (eyes, forehead, mouth area, etc). seems to be working real well thus far!
  12. well its been a lil over 4 month since i started the regimen and i can firmly say that i am CLEAR! actually i was pretty much out of the woods at the 8 week mark, but i wanted to be certain... i mean REALLY CERTAIN... that i was clear.... and so pretty much when your clear you stop visiting this message board so often ( i know bad me). but here i am... another success story thanks to Dan!!! and lets not forget Brandy, who never misses a beat when it comes to answering those toughies =).... any