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  1. Pure Green Tea is Marvelous

    I was at a point in life where my acne was at its peak; it was everywhere, whiteheads and blackheads, that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't control. It was embarrassing. Then my friends introduced me to Green Tea. It has been an epic experience; it hasn't been the key to getting rid of all my acne, but my acne is now very painless, it goes away faster, and helps me relax and focus during the day. It is exceptional in stress management. Overall, didn't cure me of my acne, but made life easie
  2. Very decent

    This product was incredibly useful for a long time. It did a great job getting rid of small, non painful acne. However, the product had no effect on my larger acne, so when things got bad, this product ha do be discontinued. For those with mild or moderate acne, this can be very helpful for those small bumps or acne scars. :)
  3. A little to rough

    My skin feels amazing after use, but definitely not for acne prone skin. It can be a little to harsh and may make your acne spots hut. Skin will be smoother after use, but in the end there are better exfoliants. The apricot does smell divine though :)
  4. Green but not Great

    Not a fantastic product. Does nothing for inflamed acne at all. Didint really see any improvements after a 2 month use. Discontinued for something else. It does, however, smell nice, and the green tea element is good, however green tea by its self is a much better option :)
  5. Meh Meh

    This product is okay at best. I used it for a week and nothing happened. My acne didn't get better or worse. Not a great product, but not a bad product.
  6. Way to Drying

    This product made my face a mess, in the month that I used it my face only got worse, and my acne got three time worse when I tried to stop. Now that I'm on natural means that's where I plan to stay. Try it at your own expense.
  7. That Boy with Acne

    The Holy Grail

    The Holy Grail

    This product is astounding. Whilst I have tried every over the counter product, this by far works 10x better than any topical product I have tried. I have only been using for a week or so, and my acne has recovered IMMENSELY! I have stopped getting my painful acne and all my scars, which there were a lot of, have started vanishing. I have struggled with acne since age 14, I am 17 now and the acne has progressively gotten worse. Only since I have changed my diet and lifestyle choices did I see