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  1. Maaaaaybe... We will never know. :)

    1. Yeah, I know. Joey is a sneaky little bastard... :D

      1. Did you bust Andrew? You should spank him. :)

        1. Be cool and sign up for google checkout, click the AmericaRx.com link, search for "Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic" and use your $10 google credit to get it for $4. Alex
        2. I feel particularly fishy today..

          1. One of my closest family friends has a son that's autistic. He's a really sweet kid, but he's just slower than most. I've always wondered what it's like being him.. Alex
          2. Fish are so juicy and sexy..

            1. Tiana still can't believe that you're only 15. (:

              1. I'm not, but I do have a beefy left forearm from guitar playing.. Hmm...

                Are you left handed?

                1. I don't hate your guts at all. (:

                  I just like arguing. I was just checking your comments and such.

                  1. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                    I have gotten a haircut. I know what you're saying, "OMFG Alex, but your hair was amazing before and it made me want to strip naked and run around!". But it had to be done. Alex
                  2. flower gun user

                    Strange chemicals..

                    My foray into the field of chemical acne treatment. Woo.
                  3. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                    My headphones are absolutely amazing, no matter how stupid they make me look. They sound amazing. Alex
                  4. Hi. :]

                    You're cool. And pretty.

                    That is all.


                    1. Yeah, I just throw them together in my hand, and mix them, then wash my fase with it. Scrub lightly though, because if you do it too hard, it can hurt a little. And thanks. :] Alex
                    2. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                      Here's another shot, with different lighting. The otherr two were with the flash, so I could make me look as bad as possible. This one isn't using the flash, and maybe it looks a little better. I hate the flourescent lighting in my house. Alex
                    3. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                      Here's a nother view, and you can see the pimple above my nose. I'm not bothered by my acne anymore, I just like to keep track of my progress. :] Alex
                    4. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                      Yeah, so I woke up with a new pimple above my nose today. No big deal, it'll probably be gone tomorrow. I'm stoked that I'm doing almost nothing, and my acne is non-existant, basically. I just take a shower every day, and wash my face with a mixture of Olay foaming cleanser and baking soda. The baking soda really makes my skin look a lot better, and cleans off any dead skin. I heartily reccomend it to anyone. :] There's an area near my mouth that's got no active pimples, but there were a few,
                    5. Nah, I'm not breaking out really.. I've just got a few bumps that sort of drive me crazy. They're going down though, so it's all good. I quit using BP, so maybe these are the effects.. :/ Alex
                    6. From the album: Strange chemicals..

                      Against the wall, with bad lighting. Cool, huh? anyway, I have basically no pimples. Just some marks. I'm pleased. Alex