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flower gun user

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  1. i got him banned for a month :)

    1. im adding you to ignore, not checking out your profile

      1. Maaaaaybe... We will never know. :)

        1. Are you spying on me? *rubs chin* :P

          1. Yeah, I know. Joey is a sneaky little bastard... :D

            1. pshh i didnt start that shit with stevie...get ur facts straight

              1. well i asked him bout it and he said that he didnt start it.

                i dunno...i cant prove anything i suppose.

                1. Did you bust Andrew? You should spank him. :)

                  1. Be cool and sign up for google checkout, click the AmericaRx.com link, search for "Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic" and use your $10 google credit to get it for $4. Alex
                  2. Im feeling fishier than ever...