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  1. Tanning most likely would not cause a breakout and would help with the redmarks. When I went on vacation last summer i had these brown marks from a breakout and I got real tan and they where gone a 100%. Also my cousin was sitting outside for a few hours during his graduation he was clear of acne just had the red marks. Well he got burnt pretty bad i saw him a week later he was fine he looked normal except he had no red marks. And he looks good now. So just get the tan but becareful. I was plann
  2. I'm breaking out under my eyes and on my nose. Im really frustrated because I'm clear on my face and almost all my marks are gone. But for some reason I keep on breaking out under my eyes. I used to wash there all the time and it was fine then I began breaking out and stopped I thought maybe it was irritated it only got worse. So i starte again and I cleared up real good. And now I'm back at square one. Anybody got some advice.
  3. I have been breaking out recently under my eyes right by my nose. I never had a zit there before in my life. Know I have five under one and two under the other. Is there a reaon for this? I have recently stopped washing under my eyes and one side got clear just marks and the other broke out but is going down thank god. what sucks is i have no acne anywhere else except for there (knock on wood) and my marks are 80% gone thanks to a tan and maybe another one soon but a natural one from fishing I t
  4. When you use any type of AHA or peel, I think it's best to use aloe Vera gel after about 15-20 mins. The new layers of skin are making there way up towards the surface and aloe vera helps heal the marks from old acne. Thats why after awhile the the aloe only fades marks to a certain extent not enough exfoliation you you keep applying the aole to the same dead skin thats probally already been healed but is forming a layer blocking the skin underneath from getting any aloe. Thats my theory and to
  5. Glycolic peels do work but not like you would expect it too. I was doing great I was a 100% clear and everything and I only had red marks which where fading but taking time. So I decided to help speed it up and used some glycolic acid 30% and had used it before with no side affects just the usual mild redness afterwords. But this time it stung really bad and i left it on for maybe 45 seconds. I quickly washed it off and iced my whole face. I went to bed and when I woke up i was covered in new zi
  6. Yes aloe vera helps so much. When I started using I notice a huge improvemet. Now my spots are almost fully gone. I had pretty bad acne in the summer my cheeks where covered. I just stuck to the regimen and now im pretty clear maybe one or two zits a week, mostly from shaving. Aloe vera helps skin heal fast and soothes. So get some ASAP you wont regret it!
  7. When I wore colored socks I got athletes foot, once I stopped I only had one case since then. Now I only wear white socks and I always wear a white t-shirt everyday just under my other shirt.
  8. I've been using 30% glycolic acid occasionally and have good results. But when I use I always dilude it with water at least half, I'm mexican and am tan. Everything seems fine no problems but I just wanted to know if there are any long term side affects with using glycolic acid??? Please help, aftre reading all these post that complain about scarring after all the different types of treatments it's making me a little nervous! please someone respond!
  9. I think most major brands should work pretty good. Also can someone post some results they've had using aloe vera? Thanks
  10. I use hawain tropic and it works pretty good. Try wal-mart or something similar to that.
  11. Yeah it works nice as a moisturizer and i think its water based so it wont clog pores. I also notice my skin looks nice and sof with a peach color to it after i apply the aloe-vera
  12. I also quit using BP and have noticed a much healthier complexion. Also my red marks are almost a 100% gone thanks to Aloe-vera.
  13. Yes aloe-vera can be used as a moisturizer I use it regularly and works fine. As for blotchy skin it might help out. It really depends if you have something like Tinea versicolor which is just fungus on the skin then yes it'll help. Aloe kills bacteria and fungus thats why its used for wounds, burns and things of that sort. Aloe helps alot with redness i have seen a huge improvement in my skins condition. I'am trying my best to keep it up.
  14. Here's a link that can give you info on aloe-vera gel and what it does for your skin. http://www.aloeveraguide.com/Aloe-Vera-and...Skin-Spots.html