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  1. i don't think much has to do with genetics at all. i am the only one that has horrific skin in my family. my sister, my parents, my grandparents, all of my extended relatives - none of them ever has had an acne problem except me. and by problem, i don't mean a couple zits occasionally. i mean a face full all of the time. it is definitely hormones.
  2. completely worth it. annoying side effects sucked but no big deal to me in order to have flawless skin. cleared me up 100 percent and gave me my life back when nothing else would. i would take it again in a heartbeat because i know how well it works!! heidi
  3. i enjoyed reading your post. i guess because i can see so much of myself in it. i am 26 and have been on accutane once before (august 2000 to feb 2001). let me assure you, it worked wonders. it was an absolute miracle for me. my face was completely clear afterwards and i never worried about breaking out. this was such a relief considering i had been on over 5 years of more than 15 prescriptions without improvement. fast forward to present time....... my face is broken out although not nearly a
  4. yikes...... i probably could've done it better for you!!
  5. i just wanted to say that you are very knowledgeable and i agree completely with everything that i have read by you. you are giving people great facts and advice!! heidi
  6. i remember this when i took accutane. it was like all the gunk under my skin was getting pushed up to the surface. i really think it is the accutane cleaning your skin down deep and pushing all the impurities up and out. i always tried to think of it as: these were zits that were someday going to surface anyhow. accutane is just getting rid of them all at once so you can have clear skin soon. and believe me, this doesn't last.... your skin will be smooth and soft soon. heidi
  7. i took accutane in august 2000 - february 2001. had perfectly clear skin afterwords. my son is 6 months old (i had him march 2006) and he is PERFECTLY healthy. not a darn thing wrong with him. however, i sware my pregnancy is what made my skin crappy again. so, i'll be going on accutane again (hopefully the middle of october). i don't want another child until my son is about 2.5 to 3 years old, so, i'll definitely be done with the accutane by then. i don't know if this helps you, i didn't get
  8. i use finacea for rosacea. i've been using it for 2 months and it has reduced the redness in my face a bit, however it hasn't really done anything for the breakouts. i have the kind of rosacea that is also pimpl-y (lucky me!!) the first week i used it, my face itched and tingled so badly for about 20 minutes after applying. however, it doesn't do that anymore. it's nice because it doesn't feel gross on your skin, but i am going to take a 2nd course of accutane soon because i know accutane works
  9. well, i am on finacea now (for rosacea). my rosacea isn't bad but my face is sorta pinkish in color and i have small pimples everywhere. finacea is used for rosacea and acne rosacea. i have barely seen any improvement on it after using it for almost 2 months. sooo, at my next derm appointment in a couple of weeks, i am going back on accutane. i was on accutane 6 years ago and was completely clear after it until the beginning of this year when i had my son. nothing has ever helped my skin excep
  10. i didn't clear up from accutane until 4-5 months and i was on a 6 month course of 40 mg twice a day. the results were phenomenal though. well worth the wait. heidi
  11. i agree with the previous poster. it took me 4-5 months to be really clear on accutane. i was on a 6 month course of 40mg twice a day. i used aquaphor on my lips all day long and inside my nose at night, otherwise it would be so dry, it would bleed. AQUAPHOR is so awesome. i still use it to this day. it's less greasy feeling than vaseline and works tremendously. i love it. hope this helps heidi
  12. hey, you'll be starting accutane soon. good luck with it!! don't be nervous. i was on 40mg twice a day for 6 months. i think that's pretty much the highest doseage possible and my side effects were harsh but definitely bearable. i would take accutane again in a heartbeat because i know how wonderful it works when nothing else did. just remember: lots and lots of vaseline or aquaphor for your lips!! i prefer aquaphor, it's not quite so greasy feeling. i even put it in my nose at night so my nose
  13. congrats on finishing your accutane!! i'm very happy for you that you are all clear, i wish i was...... i wouldn't worry too terribly much about the oil coming back and breaking out again. i finished accutane over 6 years ago, some oil came back but it was nice to not be so dry and the oil was nothing like it was before the tane. i didn't break out for 6 years after accutane. in fact, i know the only reason i started breaking out again is because i got pregnant and had a baby and my hormones go
  14. well thank you!! i don't look that good anymore though. i wish i did....... best of luck tomorrow at the derm!! heidi