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  1. works wonders.... until you get off of it

    title of the post says it all. it didn't clear ALL my acne, but it sure as hell helped it. i've been taking this pill for about 2 years (yes, that's bad, i know) and gone off of it a total of two times.... and those two times i've never broken out worse in my entire life. very risky drug... & like all antibiotic's it's not a perminent solution.
  2. acnestuggle17



    i'm using the topical pads, which is similar to the topical gel. i've noticed, when used consistently it works amazing! nothing has ever cleared my skin before, and for the first time in a long time most of my pimples dried out (leaving the skin extremely dry). BUT- huge downside. i got lazy and stopped rubbing the pads on my chin and my jawline; and i broke out worse then ever before in those places. i never broke out like this, cystic terrible acne that hurts. now i'm terrified to go off these
  3. 30 days! lots of things are required (unfortunately!), like 'ipledge', pregnancy tests, birth control, blood tests, etc! I'm in my waiting period right now and its torture! good luck on the medication
  4. Hi! i've read many logs about accutane and have found them to be extremely helpful, and i figured i'd make one not just for myself but for people to see another perspective on this medicine and how it works. speaking as a teenage girl, acne is just the worst. probably similar to most of you reading this, i've tried everything possible. i've gone through 3 different antibiotic's, many topicals, almost all available store bought products, proactiv, X-out, etc... and needless to say my famil