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    Retin A Micro Worth It?

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Did using it that way help avoid more acne and the 'purge' stage for a couple weeks or did you get it anyway? Just curious Hey there! Don't be scared to give Retin-A Micro a try. Use it once a day daily or couple times a week. Apply it for a couple of hours then wash it off. Once you begin to feel comfortable around it, use it nightly. Applying it for a couple of hours really helps your skin ease into it, plus, the longer you leave it on the more medicine is deliver
  2. RebelBlackBear

    Retin A Micro Worth It?

  3. Hey y'all, been struggling with acne for about 7 years. As for the past year or two, I would describe it as mild. I always have acne, mostly in the form of whiteheads that I end up popping (bad, I know, but irrelevant at this point). Ive been using benzaclin for the past year, and its helped, but skin still not as clear as I want it to be. I was prescribed Retin A Micro, and Im hesitant about using it. Im not sure if my skin is bad enough to go through the whole purge stage. Im conflict
  4. Okay, so I have mild to moderate acne, mostly around my mouth and cheeks in form of whiteheads. I have very sensitive skin that gets dry and peels very easily. I was prescribed benzaclin about two years ago and used it sparingly, and it helped my skin but recently my skin has started to get not so good again. I went to the doc and was prescribed Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin again. What I usually do is wash my face with salicylic acid in the morning, moisturize with SPF, and at night use a BP/sa