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  1. DAY 6 I CAVED! I EXFOLIATED! ok so last night, I really couldn't take it anymore... like it was itchy and it looked SO bad. so I used a charcoal scrub, a haldi mask, then I scrubbed again, and applied rose water and vaseline. ugh I know.... I also picked!!! but never the less, in the morning my skin looked 10x better and smoother! I still have tiny bumps which suck... but overall my skin looks way better in appearance, from yesterday and when I started this experiment! I am changing up my
  2. DAY 4 yesterday I thought I slept with my makeup on, that's how good my skin is looking! (in some lightings lol) yesterday night one of my pimples popped, and trust me, I didn't pop it. anyways the whole area became red and inflamed, and it started bleeding. the only thing I could do is put some vaseline on it. in the morning, I woke up and my skin looked good, and the spot was WAYY less red! honestly the healing power of vaseline is crazy... hyperpigmentation is looking better and better,
  3. I do have to say, I really want to hear your story on how your red marks are now! I have only been using vaseline for a few days (and documenting it on my page), and I have to say it is amazing at soothing and reducing acne! I personally use it as a makeup removing all in one cleanser, followed by rose water, which is amazing stuff for inflammation! hope it is going well for you and wishing you all the best
  4. DAY 3 my skin is somewhat improving... today I washed my face 3 times accidentally because I washed my face in the morning and then I took a shower so whatever... yesterday during the day I notice more bumps, and a significant amount. I mean it wasn't THAT bad, but it definitely made me worry. but, I do notice that my smallish pimples on the left side of my forehead are definitely purging, I'm guessing that is what my whole skin is doing. after I cleansed that night I bought some rose w
  5. Hey Skinnie! probably will be doing for 2 weeks or so and just see how it goes! so far in liking it DAY 2 today my skin is looking good! the dark spots are improving, and it has only been one day! I am hoping to purchase some rose water today for my dark spots and acne, which might help! as for the bumps/pimples, I think they are now coming to a head, which is good! I am noticing more bumps on my forehead, but nothing too major and my pores are probably just purging. they feel dry and
  6. DAY 1: My experience for Day 1 is looking hopeful. after I cleansed with vaseline, my skin looked already better than it did the night before. I gently removed with a washcloth and went to sleep. in the morning, my skin was so much better! less red, and the hyperpigmentation looked improved + added glow! and thank god, no new closed comedones! *I AM ADJUSTING MY ROUTINE BY RINSING MY FACE IN THE MORNING excited to go forward in the routine!
  7. Hi everyone! I am quite new to this community and am so excited to start this skincare journey! HISTORY OF MY SKIN: I have had acne for 3 years, and this is the first time it has been really bad due to my period. I was going from harsh chemicals like BP and Salycilic acid, to all natural lush skincare. I wasn't giving any product enough time and my skin just got worse. my skin has lots of red marks and hyperpigmentation, on my forehead and the inner parts of my cheeks. I also have healin